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Vermont is one of the smaller states with a relatively low population. The stare has a moderate approach to the various flavours of gambling. With practically no noticeable existence of land-based casino, it further prohibits many of the other gambling options in the state. However few options are allowed to run within the state premise. Noteworthy is, earlier there were race tracks, which does not exist now. So betting does doesn't have any footprint within the Vermont boundaries. This could be an indication of how the gambling dynamics have been changing within the state.

Legal Age For Gambling

18 years is legal for participating in lottery games. There is no specific age for entering into the casino or betting world as it is non-existent in Vermont.

Is Online Casino Legal In Vermont?

Vermont doesn't allow land-based casinos, or online casino sites to operate from within its state premises. However, residents are allowed to access offshore operated casino online sites, from within the state. These offshore sites are considered safe for wagering, payment, deposits and overall gaming.

Is Online Betting Legal In Vermont?

Earlier there were race tracks which allowed pari-mutuel betting. But now not a single race tracks exist. Though pari-mutuel is still legal, there is no scope that it can be played. Online betting, too does not have any space within the state of Vermont. But again, anyone who is interested in betting online can visit the online betting sites operating outside the Vermont premise.

Government Regulations Regarding Gambling

State Gambling Laws and Code Section Criminal laws against gambling (Tit. 13, §§2133-2143b); horse racing laws (Tit.31, §§ 601, et seq), exist in Vermont for regulating gambling.

Status Of Sports Betting In Vermont

You cannot trace a single sportsbook operating in Vermont. Hence no land-based sports betting. Similarly, online sports betting gets no consideration by the state law. But, the state allows a gambler to wage in offshore sports betting sites and does not see to it as illegal.

There are casino online sites that offer online betting, online sports betting, online poker, and other games:

  • Bovada
  • Lincoln Casino
  • Vegas Casino Online

Current Status Of Gambling In Vermont

Land-based gambling is very limited in Vermont. With no casinos, betting tracks, sports book, it becomes clear that land-based casino, betting and sports betting is a straight no. However online sites work actively and to be safe, one can play in offshore sites which are not regulated by the Vermont law. So even if you are caught, you will not be punished.

There are online gambling sites that work actively. They are:

  • Bovada
  • BetOnline
  • SLOTS.

What Kind Of Gambling Is Allowed In Vermont?

There are very few games that are allowed in Vermont. They are:

  • Lottery
  • Slot machines for slot games inside lottery parlors
  • Charitable gambling like bingo, raffles, poker tournaments, casino nights and pull-tab type games.


Vermont is quite cautious about gambling options that needs to be screened out of the state boundaries. While it restricts the establishment of any casino floor or betting tracks, it allows gambling options like a lottery to work with full vigor. A gambling lover needs to be razor-sharp with the Vermont laws and should try not to break any of it, for his own safety.


The Legal Gambling Status of all US States

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