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Iowa is popularly known for its strictness in matters of gambling. Unlike other states, Iowa considers even minor offenses as punishable. Games or sites that are not regulated by Iowa state law is illegal. Players found violating this law could land up in grave problems. Famously known as “four degrees”, the offenses go hierarchically like, gambling or betting over $5000 falls under 1st degree, between $501 and $5000 under 2nd degree, between $101 and $500 under 3rd degree, and $100 or less than that under 4th degree.So, the more you bet in unregulated games or sites, the higher is the degree. Hence, the major the offense, the higher the associated sentence.

Is Online Casino Legal In Iowa?

As against land-based casinos which are regulated, the online casino is not regulated by state law. More appropriately, it is banned in Iowa. Casino online sites do exist, but it is highly risky as mentioned above in terms of “four degrees”.

Is Online Betting Legal In Iowa?

Contrary to land-based betting, online betting is illegal in Iowa. One who will involve himself wagering in illegal betting sites will eventually land up in legal trouble.

Status Of Sports Betting In Iowa

Till now, sports betting, both land-based and online is not legalized by the legislature. Though several petitions are coming in favor of legalizing it, all in vain. Though lawmakers are trying to separate sports betting from online gambling, so that it can be legalized, but it’s not going to happen anyway soon.
Even online poker is banned in Iowa. But, there are some unregulated online casino sites that offer online sports betting and online poker. They are Betway, bet365, Bodog, Betrally and SPIN CASINO.

Current Status Of Gambling In Iowa

Gambling, particularly land-based gambling is legal and works actively in the land of Iowa. Certain gambling, like sports betting, is banned in Iowa, but there are plenty of other games that are legal and safe. There are nearly 20 brick-and-mortar casinos, 23 land-based casino, horse- track racino and 2 dog-track racinos in Iowa for gambling. They are legal and works in full vigor.

Legal Age For Gambling

Iowa considers 21 years as the legal age for participating in every form of gambling.

What Kind Of Gambling Is Allowed In Iowa?

The following genres of Land-based gambling are allowed and functional:

  • casinos
  • racetracks
  • charitable gambling
  • lottery ticket sales
  • off-track betting
  • social gambling (bingo nights, raffles, poker nights, and amusement devices)
  • pari-mutuel betting is legal and allowed in Iowa.

Government Regulations Regarding Gambling

The Iowa Code 99, et seq.; regulates gambling laws, Iowa Code 725.5 et seq.; regulates betting laws and the Iowa Gaming Law Attorney gives legal advice on gaming issues.


If you consider yourself as a student and gambling as a school, then Iowa can be that strict teacher who makes sure that no student violate the regulations of the school. You can be a part of the regulated sections of gambling, but involving in the illegal or unregulated side of it could possibly land you in trouble. So try to ring a bell in your mind before crossing the legal line of gambling sitting in Iowa!


The Legal Gambling Status of all US States

An interactive map is provided below that shows all US states and the current gambling rules prevalent in that state. Click on the state of your choice to know more about its rules and regulations.

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