09 Jul, 2020


Curious about the scenario of New Mexico online betting, internet casino, and real money gambling? Well, you might get slightly disheartened knowing that New Mexico government actively controls gambling and State gaming laws of New Mexico regulating the legal gambling games, keeping strict vigilance on illegal gambling games, from casinos to other gaming venues like card rooms, to dog and horse tracks. New Mexico has the affiliation to have casino rooms for its players. The gambling laws, on one hand, allow some betting on horse racing and casinos on Native American land. However, on the other hand, it treats Bookmaking as illegal. Again, senior citizen bingo is allowed. There are several government departments or gaming commissions that keep an eagle’s eye on the licensor ship of casino and keep a close watch on the jurisdiction of the areas allotted for the game.

  • Online casino & sports betting is legal
  • Sports betting is legal
  • Considering legalizing online gambling


As mentioned above, not all casino games are legal. But Albuquerque, being the largest casino in New Mexico, opens a huge scope of the land-based casino for game lovers. Betting on Spanish 21, mini-baccarat, poker, pai gow poker, three card poker, four card poker, bingo, racing tracks are allowed.

All casinos in New Mexico have got the affiliation with Indian Tribes, offering to its players an assortment of table games like roulette, poker, slots, blackjack and also electronic gaming machines. To make things better, slot machines are allowed at the state’s racetracks, as well as about 40 various fraternal and veterans clubs.

There is a strict restriction on serving of alcohol at the casino floor which is maintained to avoid any undesirable situation that might arise when a glass of alcohol goes down your food pipe!


Most of the casinos in New Mexico are of Native American and racino type. Some of them are Apache Nugget Casino in Cuba, Billy the Kid Casino in Ruidoso, Camel Rock Casino in Tesuque Pueblo, Casino Hollywood in San Felipe. But, largest among them stands to be the “Downs at Albuquerque” in Albuquerque.

Currently, gaming investors have successfully established 28 betting sites. These facilities have modern gaming equipment. One can easily check by noticing the high quality of poker, gaming tables, and slot machines. All the 28 New Mexico casinos have 93 table games.

There are 16, 467 slots machines. .$0.01 being the lowest amount of money on a single bet, $5 as the highest value. However, it’s quite risky as online betting, in general, is not legal.


Availability Of Brick And Mortar Casinos And Their Forms

Yes, they are available in New Mexico in both of its forms. That is, the residents of New Mexico have a choice of brick and mortar casinos, both Tribal and Commercial forms.
Tribal casinos are those owned and operated by the tribes of a state. For example, in New Mexico, the Native American has casinos, bingo halls, and other gambling operations in their hand.
Commercial casinos, on the other hand, are those owned and operated by large and small companies. They are heavily regulated by state governments.

Legal Age Of Gambling

For entering into the gambling world in New Mexico, one has to attain the legal age of 21 years. Anyone practicing gambling before the legal age is believed to have violated the law.

Legal Perimeter Of Gambling, If Any?

  • Government Tax
    Social responsibility is something that comes complimentary with everything we do, whether entertainment or business. Nothing is granted for free. These gambling licenses are provided on the ground of paying the “Gaming Tax” imposed by the government.
    To enjoy the privileges of engaging in these gaming activities in New Mexico, the government imposes an excise tax, better known as the gaming tax, and the persons operating the gaming devices in New Mexico remits a gaming operator tax.
    Gaming tax at 10% applies to the gross receipts of gaming device manufacturers and distributors from the sale, lease or transfer of gaming devices into New Mexico, non-profit fraternal organization–10% and other licensed gaming operators -26% based on their net proceeds. The revenue from this tax is deposited to the General Fund.
    Also, 6% state gambling tax is imposed on all winnings in the state of New Mexico.
  • Government Bans And Regulations
    The federal government of New Mexico regulates gambling establishments on Indian reservations via the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. The New Mexico gaming law attorney provides legal assistance regarding any gaming or gambling matter.
    Commercial gambling is banned in New Mexico, only permitting premises can be used for gambling. Other bans include dealing in gambling devices; bookmaking; bribery of contest participants; accepting anything of value on the basis of results of a race, contest or game of skill or chance illegal. Minors not allowed to play bingo.
  • Exception
    Relief is provided though, wherein manufacturing and exporting of gambling devices; senior citizen bingo is permitted.


Anything which is permitted by the government is legal, and anything contrary to that is illegal. The government does not permit online casino, online gambling in New Mexico. Sports betting in Santa Ana Casino Hotel, lottery, racing, pokies are allowed. Online sites do work, but illegally. The government till now has overlooked that matter because of other important issues. So, these sites continue to work with full vigor. Some of them are:

  • For Fantasy Sports: FANDUEL, Draft Kings
  • For Horse & Greyhound Betting: TVG, BETAMERICA
  • Games Of Skill: WORLDWINNER


New Mexico provides huge entertainment for gambling and gaming lovers. A yes for field gambling, and a no for online gambling. Whether legal or illegal, gambling in any form continues to prevail in New Mexico. Just a few bumpers like the legal age, legal place and regulations are crucial checkpoints. So keep abiding by the rules and enjoy the plethora of gambling experiences in New Mexico!

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