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Maine is neither very restricted nor very flexible regarding gambling. Scaling between the two extremes, Maine happens to be a moderate state when gambling is concerned. It does not have too many casino or race tracks. With only one traditional land-based casino (Oxford Casino) in Oxford city, it proves that Maine does not allow gambling to spread its branches widely.

Legal Age For Gambling

Maine marks 21 years as the legal age of gambling for participating in any form of gambling.

Is Online Casino Legal In Maine?

Online casino is not accepted in Maine. However, if you are indulging in casino online sites operating outside Maine, then probably you are safe as it is not under Maine jurisdiction. But whether this safety is for a long time, is a big question for the gamblers.

Is Online Betting Legal In Maine?

Land-based betting is legal in Maine. But unfortunately, online betting is not allowed in Maine. It is considered as illegal. But again, f you are wagering in online betting sites outside Maine, then probably you are safe. Betting online within the boundaries of Maine is illegal.

Status Of Sports Betting In Maine

Maine does not allow sports betting, whether land-based or online. Also, it is not safe to indulge in any online sports betting sites, as all of them are unregulated and unsafe, be it within the state or outside it. Anybody who is caught wagering in these sites will be punished.

There are safe and legal casino online sites operating outside Maine that offers online casino gambling, online betting, online poker, and other gambling games. They are Betway, Bet365, Bodog, Betrally and SPIN CASINO.

Current Status Of Gambling In Maine

Not all gambling options are available in Maine. Declaring online gambling illegal makes space for only land-based gambling to work in Maine. Limited availability of race tracks, single casino, and a few games make Maine a tranquil place for gambling.

What Kind Of Gambling Is Allowed In Maine?

Games like commercial casino games, social gambling, bingo, racing, pari-mutuel betting, video poker, slots, off-track betting is allowed in Maine

Government Regulations Regarding Gambling

Maine Code Revised Title 8, Title 17-A: Criminal Code, Chapter 39: Unlawful Gambling, Section 952(4) regulates the gambling scenario in Maine.


Nothing in abundance is good. Maybe Maine is such a state which follows this above line very seriously. It allows a very limited amount of gambling and warns its residents not to cross the legal boundary. So it is advised to be in safe line and relish the forms of gambling gifted to you by Maine.


The Legal Gambling Status of all US States

An interactive map is provided below that shows all US states and the current gambling rules prevalent in that state. Click on the state of your choice to know more about its rules and regulations.

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