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Alaska is one of the few states of the United States that does not support or allow gambling within the geographic boundaries. Though Alaska is the largest state of the United States yet it is dramatically less populous as compared to the other states of the US and has strict gambling laws for its residents. In the past few years, a lot of native groups have tried very hard to pass the bills in favor of land-based gambling in the state yet they hardly succeeded in pushing any such bill for further proceedings in the State Senate. Surprisingly, Alaska does not have any law against online casino till now.

What is the Legal Age of Gambling in Alaska?

The legal gambling age of the players is 21 years in Alaska.

The Current State of Sports Betting

Sports betting both online and offline is strictly not permitted in Alaska. Alaska still holds conservative tradition against gambling. However only pull tab and bingo hall games are considered to be legal by the state.

Government Regulations Regarding Gambling

Section codes 11.66.200 and 05.15.680 regulates the different kinds of gambling in the state of Alaska. Section 11.66.200 states that “unlawful gambling” is a crime and a punishable offense within the state. According to this section, your first offense is a violation, subsequent offenses are Class B misdemeanor. The common direction associated with the Alaska Gambling Laws aim at prosecuting the people running the game rather than the person playing it.

Is Online Casino Legal in the State?

The government of Alaska considers gambling as unlawful though, there are no explicit rules against an online casino in the state. The concept of online casino and online betting is relatively new altogether.

So players can invest real cash at online Casinos offering online poker or online betting, etc. However it is expected that looking at the other states of the United States, Alaska will hopefully make online gambling legal in the near future.

What are Online Gambling Sites in Alaska?

There are a number of sites that offers online casinos without violating the gambling laws of Alaska. The players can easily gamble in the online casino sites:

  • Bet online offers a welcome bonus up to $2500 with a rating of 4/5
  • Slots. Lv offers a welcome bonus of up to $7000 with a rating of 4/5
  • Bovada offers a welcome bonus of up to $3750 with a rating of 4/5

Players can invest real money in these sites while gambling online. People earn different kinds of alluring bonus, free spins, etc as compared to any land-based alternatives.

What kind of Gambling is Accepted by Alaska?

Although gambling has always been considered as illegal by the state of Alaska. Yet it is important to note, the law regarding gambling in Alaska is very broad and could be interpreted a number of ways. Gambling for charitable purposes is always legally accepted by the state. The prize money earned from the gamble must be entirely used for charity. The reason behind setting such strict laws against gambling in Alaska is to punish the people who run the game and not the people who take part in it.


Alaska is one of the six states of the United States that does not allow even lottery betting, gambling in slot machines, video slots, etc. The rules are very strict and there are heavy penalties and punishments imposed on those people who get caught while indulging in betting. Full blown Gambling might not be legalized in the forthcoming time. However, it can be expected that Alaska will soon open its gates for the bulk of online casino to begin their operation. This will be beneficial not only for the residents but also for the tourists who love to indulge themselves in such activities.


The Legal Gambling Status of all US States

An interactive map is provided below that shows all US states and the current gambling rules prevalent in that state. Click on the state of your choice to know more about its rules and regulations.

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