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If you were thinking about other states being strict to gambling, then you were probably missing the father of all such strict states. Its none other than Utah! It seems that Utah and gambling cannot go well with each other.

Legal Age For Gambling

As there is no proper gambling options or availability, the state law does not hold any legal age for gambling.

Is Online Casino Legal In Utah?

Forget about online casino, you cannot even trace a single land- based casino in Utah. Utah has no availability of casinos, whether land-based, social or online. As a result you cannot find any casino online sites in the state.

Is Online Betting Legal In Utah?

Betting in any form is illegal in Utah. There are no race tracks or betting tracks where betting can take place. Similarly, online betting is also missing from the land of Utah.

Status Of Sports Betting In Utah

A series of “no” continues as there is no land-based sports book for sports betting in Utah. And again, no availability of online sports betting sites.

However, there are offshore casino online sites offering online casino gambling, online sports betting, online poker, online betting and other gambling games. They are: Bovada, BetOnline and Slots.LV. You can wage in these sites as they are not operating within the state. So, you cannot be convicted by the Utah law of breaking any rules of gambling.

Current Status Of Gambling In Utah

Gambling is not preferred by the state of Utah. The best a gambler can do is visit other states to have a gambling experience, because Utah at present is not set to offer any experience in gambling.

What Kind Of Gambling Is Allowed In Utah?

Not a single form of gambling is allowed in Utah. In some social gaming platforms like Facebook, maybe you can indulge in games like poker or blackjack. But it's free and intended just for entertainment purposes. That’s not gambling in the true sense.

Government Regulations Regarding Gambling

State Gambling Laws and Code Section Utah Code 76-10-1101, et seq.: Gambling; Utah Code 4-38-1, et seq.: Utah Horse Regulation Act forbids gambling to respire in Utah.


With no availability of gambling options in Utah, it might be hard to recommend Utah as a possible gambling destination. Honestly, it is hard to foresee a strong gambling future in Utah considering the stringent laws that govern the state. We could recommend you to visit some other neighborhood states if you really wish to have a proper exposure in gambling.


The Legal Gambling Status of all US States

An interactive map is provided below that shows all US states and the current gambling rules prevalent in that state. Click on the state of your choice to know more about its rules and regulations.

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