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South Dakota guards gambling with quite restrictive laws. One might think this state to be flexible on learning that it has 45 land-based casinos. But its just your misconception! 45 land-based casinos are only allowed to host slots, blackjack tables, live poker, and casino-style poker games, slot machine games only. Just like this, there are many more disgruntlements gifted to you by South Dakota.

Legal Age For Gambling

South Dakota marks 21 years as the legal age of gambling for participating in any form of gambling.

Is Online Casino Legal In South Dakota?

Land-based casinos are legal in South Dakota with ample of restrictions. On the other hand, state law barres any form of online gambling, online casino to be operated in the state of South Dakota. Hence, online casino is not legal with the state premises. One can possibly play in offshore casino online sites, which is legal and safe (as it is outside the area of South Dakota).

Is Online Betting Legal In South Dakota?

There are race tracks in South Dakota that allows betting on horse racing. But till now online betting is not legalised. To have online betting experience, you can wage on offshore online betting sites. If you are found wagering in online sites that are operating within the state, you will be punished for breaking the law.

Government Regulations Regarding Gambling

Code section 23-5-110 et seq.; 23-4-101 et seq, and State Gaming Laws regulate gambling within South Dakota. Anybody who violates any law of gambling, will be charged under class 2 misdemeanor, with a fine of $500 or less and six months of imprisonment.

Status Of Sports Betting In South Dakota

Sports betting, be it land-based or online, is not legal in South Dakota. Petitions continue to come up in requesting to legalise it, but judgement is never on their favour.

Still, there are casino online sites offering online casino gambling, online sports betting, online poker, online betting and other gambling games. They are: betway, bet365, bodog, Betrally, SPIN CASINO, intertops, betfair CASINO, Bovada and Cafe Casino.

Current Status Of Gambling In South Dakota

Gambling is very limited in South Dakota. Online gambling is a total “no” within the state premises. Anyone who wishes to gamble online, can visit the online gambling sites operating in offshore areas. If you are found gambling online on sites operating within the state, South Dakota will not step back in prosecuting charges against you.

Still, some online gambling sites like Bovada, BetOnline, Bet365, 888, Vegas Casino and Lincoln Casino offers online gambling games. But whether you will wage in such sites or not is completely up to you.

What Kind Of Gambling Is Allowed In South Dakota?

Casinos in South Dakota provide games like slots, blackjack, video poker. Also, games like horse racing, lottery, live poker charitable gambling such bingo are allowed in this state.


South Dakota is very strict in regulating land-based gambling. Also, it declares all form of online gambling happening within its boundary. With strict laws, gambling breathes with its few options in the state of South Dakota. It is strongly recommended that no matter how much you are imbued to gambling, you should abide by the laws, or else any kind of violation can put you in legal trouble.


The Legal Gambling Status of all US States

An interactive map is provided below that shows all US states and the current gambling rules prevalent in that state. Click on the state of your choice to know more about its rules and regulations.

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