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New York is one of the major states of the United States and is also the most populous one. Gambling has always been in practice in the state of New York in the earlier days. However, after US assembly passed strict laws against gambling, New York also banned the different forms of gambling in the state except for a few. These exceptions include charitable gambling, tribal casinos, etc. These types of gambling have received proper licenses from the state. The New York State Gaming Commission was set up to look after them.

Is There Any Age Restriction Observed For Gamble In New York?

The players who are interested in gambling have to follow some basic laws in New York to avoid legal hassle. The players must be either 18 years of age or above to play the state lottery, Pari-mutuel, different kinds of racing, etc and 21 years of age or above to indulge themselves into casinos or in the poker rooms using real money. If a player is found breaking the rules then serious punishment upto imprisonment awaits.

Is Real Money Gambling Legal In New York?

Although not all forms of gambling is legalized in the state, yet there are various others which are still considered as legal within the state. People of New York and the tourists can invest real money at gambling establishments in the state of New York.

What Are The Different Types Of Gambling In New York?

Various kinds of gambling are completely banned in the state of New York. The official body, New York State Gaming Commission looks after the various forms of gambling that are allowed in the state. The types of gambling that is legalized by the commission are:

  • Pari-mutuel betting – This kind of wagering is allowed in the state. There are currently five locations where off-track betting is continued. These tracks are licensed by the commission and the states approves different kind of race betting such as greyhound betting, horse betting, etc.
  • Land-based casino run by the tribes – The federal law allows the tribes of the state to operate casinos. At present, there are 17 casinos in New York run by the different tribes like Oneida Indian Nation, Seneca Nation and many more who are residing in the state. The residents are allowed to play different kinds of table games, poker, blackjack, roulette, etc in these casinos. These casinos also have slot machines and video slots that players can enjoy. These casinos earn a huge revenue every year out of which a large amount is paid as taxes to the state coffers.
  • The New York State Lottery – The state of New York issues various kinds of lotteries for its residents. The citizens enjoy buying these lotteries and often win a huge amount of money here. The state also earns a hefty amount of money from luxury taxes imposed on these lotteries.
  • Charitable gaming – The residents of New York are allowed to gamble at table games using real money but the proceeds earned from these kinds of gambling must be utilized in the charitable purposes or for the church. The organizations operating such gambling should make sure that all the money must be used for charity.

The players love to enjoy their leisure time investing and earning some real money in these licensed games.

Is Online Gambling Legal In New York?

The lawmakers of New York are trying really hard to make online gambling or online betting legal. There is no specific law yet that prohibits the players from gambling in the online casinos and no instances of prosecution that has been reported due to gambling in the online casinos. Hence, the players are free to gamble in the online sites.

Which Is The Safe Online Casino Site In New York?

A large number of online casino sites operating in New York. The residents of the state love to indulge themselves in these sites as a lot of advantages can be easily grabbed without hassle. Some of the authentic sites operating in the state are:

  • Vegas Casino
  • Cherry Gold casino off
  • Las Vegas USA Casino
  • Slot. LV casino
  • Bovada

These games also offers the players different kinds of bonuses like free spins, welcome bonus, etc. These sites use advanced 128 bit SSL encryption for data protection and use HTML5 for awesome UI experience across cross-platforms.

The Current State of Sports Betting in New York

Sports betting has been legalized in New York in the year 2013 in a total number of four commercial casinos. The New York State Gaming Commission looks after the commercial sports betting in the state. The commission also provides permission to the properties that runs such games. However, the different gaming casinos are still waiting for the commission to issue the regulations required for the running of the business fruitfully.


New York is one of the most vibrant states in the entire world. Though not all forms of gambling are allowed within the territories of the state yet there are some which engages the people and takes them to a different world altogether. It is expected that the state might open gambling for all after the latest judgment by the Supreme Court in favor of gambling in New Jersey.


The Legal Gambling Status of all US States

An interactive map has been added below that will show you all US states and the current rules regarding the gambling that are prevalent in that state. Click on the state of your choice to know more about its rules and regulations in detail.

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