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Find the best, regulated sports betting sites in the US listed and reviewed. We also go through everything from how betting, odds to bonuses and wagering in sports so you can become a more profitable bettor.

Best sports betting sites in NJ and US

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Sports betting in America

In the last couple of years, sports betting has been a hot topic in the American media. A lot has been said on the issue of legalization, and it seems that sports betting is finally out of the woods. In other words, a dozen or so states have accepted online sports betting as a legal form of gambling.

As a result, you can now place wagers on your favorite sports at some of the best sportsbooks out there. For instance, the state of New Jersey has 13 sportsbook sites you can choose from. Later on, we will present you with a couple of them. Either way, our reviews section is a great place to start your search for a bookmaker that offers the best odds.

Speaking of odds, sports betting in America mostly relies on the so-called Money line odds. Of course, other formats are present as well. Also, different types of bets are available, including spread betting, parlays, totals, and so on.

All in all, sports betting online is a great way to monetize your knowledge. As you may know, statistics play a big part in sports betting. So, your skill is the overriding factor, not luck. That is why sports betting is not equal to classic casino games, even though a lot of brands offer these two options alongside each other.


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Best online sports betting sites

In a way, sports betting in America is still in its infancy. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that bookmakers have a lot of room for improvement. Baby steps are often hard and shaky, but with time – everything falls in its place. Yet, the best online sports betting sites are already on top of their game. Some of the top-rated brands can provide bettors with a full array of betting options. Also, the rule of thumb with the best online sports betting sites is that they are quite generous when it comes to bonus offerings.
On top of that, American sports betting brands can provide players with a safe and secure betting environment. Trustworthiness goes a long way in this business, and American bookmakers are well aware of this fact. That is why they are implementing state-of-the-art protection systems.

Here are some of the best online sport betting sites in the US:


caesars casino logoFor a while now, Caesars has been among the leaders, both in Nevada and the New Jersey gambling scene. As a result, this brand has a large fan base, full of loyal players. So, it comes as no surprise that their sportsbook has a lot of visitors as well. The Caesars sportsbook has been accepting wagers ever since September 2018.

It seems that Caesars is up for the challenge since they can offer a fully functional sportsbook. Their site often provides standout promotions. Not to mention the fact that Caesars sportsbook hides a lot of possible wagers in the catalog of sports. Also, in-play betting is a part of the menu on this sports betting site.

Hard Rock Casino

hardrock logoHard Rock Casino is a renowned and popular land-based gambling venue in Atlantic City. Thus, their arrival at the sports betting scene was expected sooner or later. And, in January 2019, the Hard Rock sportsbook finally saw the light of day. As is the case with a lot of brands, the sportsbook is integrated into the Hard Rock casino.

Hard-Rock sportsbook was well-received because of its clean and intuitive interface. When it comes to software, Hard Rock relies on a relatively new name – GiG (Gaming Innovation Group). Yet, the number of betting options at this sportsbook is somewhat limited. But, there is no doubt that this element will get better in the upcoming period.


BetAmerica casino logoBetAmerica boasts with being the ''premier wagering destination''. Above all, this attribute comes from their proud history of providing wagering on horse racing. The fact that BetAmeica is under the ownership of Churchill Downs Incorporated also speaks volumes. Either way, the BetAmerica sportsbook went live at the beginning of 2019.

Right from the early days, it was clear that this sportsbook offers an impressive and user-friendly interface. In other words, the site is full of modern features, and players can navigate through the options with ease. BetAmerica offers a full spectrum of betting types, including spreads, futures, and money line bets.


Sugarhouse online casino logoOwned by Rush Street Interactive, SugarHouse is a well-known brand in the New Jersey gambling scene. In August 2018, SugarHouse started offering sports betting alongside their casino games. Yet, these two aspects of their operations are interconnected, and the players can use the same wallet. The so-called merged wallet is a convenient element, and it makes the transition from one section to the other seamless.

On top of that, SugarHouse provides exceptional mobile apps for iOS and Android. Besides the 'traditional' betting options, this sportsbook offers live in-game betting as well.

Sports betting from your mobile

Even though online gambling is a relatively new phenomenon , sports betting has a long tradition in the United States. Besides horse racing, the so-called Big Four sports have also been attracting a lot of patrons. Yes, you know which leagues we are talking about – the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL.

Nonetheless, the times they are a changing, and modern wagering methods are becoming the norm. For instance, mobile betting is becoming the dominant form of sports betting. Of course, smartphones are entering into every pore of our life. So, why should sports betting be any different?

To be honest, the rise of mobile betting may not be such a bad thing after all. In fact, mobile devices can provide you with a convenient and effective way to place your wagers. No matter if you are using an Android or iOS-powered device, the concept is the same.

In addition, it is important to note that modern sportsbooks are using geolocation technology. By doing so, the bookmakers can determine your physical location. The reason for this comes from those issues with legalization, which we mentioned earlier. To clarify, you need to stay on the territory of the Garden State if you want to bet on one of the New Jersey sportsbooks.

Odds bonuses

Sport betting bonuses are a common occurrence at the American sportsbooks. Also, you will find them at almost every New Jersey sportsbook. Of course, bonuses are a great marketing tool, i.e. they can attract new players. Similar to casino bonuses, the so-called odds bonuses are an integral component of the bookmaker's operations.

In general, two types of bonuses are available at sports betting sites in the United States. Those bonuses are called the signup bonus and the deposit bonus. Needless to say, bookmakers and sports betting brands often implement extra bonuses as well.

How to claim the bonus

As a rule of thumb, bonuses come with a set of rules that you need to be aware of. In other words, read the small letters before accepting the bonus!
Here are some of those elements, i.e. requirements:

  • Rollover – the amount you need to bet with the bonus money to claim the bonus. (In an average scenario, if you receive a 50% bonus on a $100 deposit, with a 5x rollover you will have to spend $750 in bets)
  • Odds restrictions – Some bonus packages do not count low odds bets in the rollover amount. In other words, you are restricted from betting on those events. (Typically, bets under +150 are not counted in the bonus rollover.)
  • Time limits – More often than not, bookmakers will limit the duration of the bonus offer. So, you have to claim the money within the predetermined period. In most cases, 30 days is the time limit.

On top of that, sports betting bonus cannot be used on poker games. And, even though some brands may offer multiple bonuses, you can only use one at a time.
As you can see, the wagering requirements for sports betting bonuses can be somewhat demanding. But, if you are betting on a regular basis, you will not have problems with clearing the bonus for withdrawal.

Wager dollars on your favorite American sport

Americans and sports go like peanut butter and jelly. Even though some sports are more popular than others, there is space under the sun for almost any kind of sporting activity in the United States.

It goes without saying that Sundays are traditionally reserved for American football or baseball. As you know, these sports are a part of the Big Four. The other two members of this elite club are basketball and ice hockey. In the recent period, soccer is also rising in popularity. Also, combat sports, such as boxing or MMA are on the rise as well.

Here is how Americans like to wager on some of the most popular sports in the US.

American Football

Without a doubt, American football is the bedrock of sports betting in America. As one of the most popular sports, if not the most popular, football attracts a lot of attention from all sides. It offers a lot of excitement and a long season as well. Of course, the culmination of all those games is the famous Superbowl. Needless to say, Americans enjoy placing wagers that focus on this spectacular event.

Aside from the Superbowl, classic Money Line bets are the most common when it comes to American football. Since football is a high scoring sport, statistic plays a big role in successful betting.

To be honest, Money Line bets on football games do not offer the most lucrative odds. For that reason, Point Spread bets are also a popular betting option. Either way, American football remains one of the pillars of sports betting in the United States.


No matter if you are a fan of the Boston Red Sox or you prefer the Tampa Bay Rays, baseball can offer a lot of opportunities for profitable betting. With thousands of yearly fixtures, bettors can find a plethora of options.

On top of that, the concept of baseball provides an abundance of betting possibilities. The game is played in nine innings, with 3 outs for each team. In addition, a lot of pitchers and hitters will appear on the field during a game of baseball.

Once again, the Money line bets are available on baseball games as well. Basically, these bets allow you to predict the winner of the game. The so-called Run Line is the other type of wager that you will often encounter. This betting option responds to the well-known Points Spread bet. And, the third most popular baseball betting option is called the Total. As the name suggests, you will bet on the total number of runs per game.


If you do not have the height or the skill to be a part of the NBA circus, no worries – we've got you covered! By betting on the most popular basketball league in the world, you can get a sense of thrill that will raise the hair on your back.

In a way, basketball is the easiest sport for wagering. It helps that the NBA league consists of as many as 30 teams! In translation, 82 games per team are at your disposal, without counting the playoffs!

So, American bettors like to place wagers on the Point Spread. Other than that, Totals or the so-called Over/Under bets are popular as well. And, we shouldn't forget the Money Line either.
On top of that, you can follow the Lakers, Celtics, and the likes as you bet on the exotic bets. Those sports betting options are also known as Parlays or Teasers. All in all, basketball is your go-to game in case you are just starting your journey through the world of sports betting in America.

Ice hockey

It is no secret that a game of ice hockey involves lots of contacts. As a result, players don't stay for too long on the ice. On average, an ice hockey team will field around 20 players per game. With that being said, bettors have a lot of options to monetize their knowledge by betting on ice hockey.

The NHL season lasts from October to June and later continues through the famous Stanley Cup. So, players often wager on the outcome of an ice hockey game. As you know by now, this type of betting is known as the Money Line bets.

Besides the Totals, which can include overtime, ice hockey games also offer handicap betting in some cases. A handicap is a tool that can reduce the difference in quality between the favored team and the underdog. When it comes to ice hockey in America, a handicap is often expressed as -1 or +1, depending on the quality of the teams.


Even though some Americans still frown upon soccer, sports betting sites are more than welcoming when it comes to this sport. After all, soccer enjoys worldwide popularity, and it is growing in numbers in the United States as well.

However, soccer is a low-scoring sport, and this may feel a bit strange to American bettors. For instance, the equivalent of the Money Line betting option in soccer would be the so-called 1X2. By wagering on one of the three numbers, you will bet on the outcome of the match. (1 – win for the home team, X – a draw, 2 – win for the guests).

Also, soccer offers handicap betting. Similar to ice hockey, favorites have a negative sign ahead of the handicap, while the underdogs have a positive factor.

On top of that, you can bet on a plethora of exotic bets with soccer. For example, you can try to predict the number of corners, yellow cards, and so on.

Boxing and MMA

Combat sports are also popular when it comes to sports betting in the USA. In fact, the popularity of these sports is growing as we speak. For instance, the UFC and Bellator are organizing MMA events every few weeks. On the other hand, boxing federations such as IBF, WBC, or WBA are organizing one or two major events per year. But, those events never fail to attract a lot of media attention.

Yet, bettors have a limited amount of options when it comes to wagering on boxing or MMA. For example, you could place a wager on a Money Line bet to predict the winner of the fight. Or, you could go for the Over/Under bet to try and predict the total number of rounds.

No matter what option you choose, boxing and MMA also require a lot of strategic research. In other words, you need to keep track of the fighter's shape and physical condition. By looking at the win/loss records, you can learn a lot. But, there are many factors that can influence the result of a fight so make sure to cover your bases.

Online betting in the USA – How does it work?

As we said at the beginning of this guide, online sports betting is on the rise in the United States. More and more bookmakers are making the transition into the virtual world. Of course, mobile betting takes a big part of the blame for this phenomenon.

Either way, you can jump on the bandwagon by creating an account with one of the New Jersey sportsbooks. But, not all sportsbooks are the same, so check our reviews section to verify the quality of a particular site.

So, once you find a suitable brand and you create an account, you will need to fund the account with some money. As it happens, sportsbooks are more than happy to take your money. Thus, they will offer a wide array of banking options. In most cases, you can deposit and withdraw the funds via credit/debit cards, PayPal, Neteller, and so on.


When it comes to odds, there are three main ways in which these can be expressed. However, it is important that the different formats do not change the probability of the wager. In other words, they all mean the same thing. At the same time, it is vital that you get a good grip on the odds before you start wagering your hard-earned dollars.

Here are the most popular odds formats:

  • Fractional (British): displayed as β€˜β€™6/1’’ or β€˜β€™6-1’’
  • Decimal (European): displayed as β€˜β€™1,95’’ or β€˜β€™2,20’’
  • Money line (American): displayed as β€˜β€™-120’’ or β€˜β€™+154’’

Of course, all the US sportsbooks mostly use the American format of presenting the odds. But, the majority of sites will allow a seamless transition to other formats as well.


In short, prematch betting is the most common type of sports betting. By betting on this system, you choose one of the odds that the bookmaker has prepared before the match. The wagering process can last until the moment when the event in question begins. After that, you can only sit and wait for the game to finish. Hopefully, the result will go your way.

Live Betting

Unlike prematch betting where you don’t have a say while the game is in progress, live betting offers a lot of options during the event. Also known as in-play betting, this method allows you to bet on different things as the game unfolds. The wagering process is open after the start of the game, and the odds often fluctuate from one minute to the other.

Live streaming

With the rise of the Internet, modern technologies have found their way into almost all areas of our lives. So, live streaming is a relatively new addition to the world of sports betting. By joining a live stream, you can watch all sorts of events. At the same time, live streaming allows you to track the changes of the odds and to react accordingly.

Cashout betting

Cashout betting also takes place while the event is underway. But, this type of betting allows you to cut your losses and get some money back after all. Or, you can use cashout betting when things are going in your favor at the moment and you do not want to wait until the end of the game. Of course, you will receive a percentage of the possible win if you cash out before the final whistle.

Types of betting slips

When it comes to sports betting in America, there are different betting slips you can use. In essence, betting slips represent the number of combinations on your β€˜ticket’. Here are the most prominent ones:

🎫 Single

As the name implies, the Single betting slip allows you to place a wager on one selection per event. In other words, you could only bet on the final result in a game where Green Bay Packers would meet Washington Redskins, for example. Points Spread bets and Over/Unders on this particular event would not be possible if you are using the so-called Single betting slip.

🎫 Accumulator

Also known as Roll-up bets, Accumulator bets can offer higher winnings, but at an increased risk. The concept of the Accumulator betting is to accumulate the winnings on your ticket. So, you can place four or more selections from the same event, but they all must win. Even though the rules vary from a sportsbook to sportsbook, there is no upper limit to the number of selections you can make. Yet, a rule of thumb is that the selections need to be β€˜mutually independent’.

🎫 System

The System is a betting slip that allows you to combine different sports. By using a System, you can place a minimum of 3 selections on the ticket. In most sportsbooks, the maximum number of events is 8. So, the main advantage of the System is that if one selection fails, the bet will still stand. Thus, the System is a good betting option for novice players or for the ones that prefer a more conservative style of wagering.

Betting markets

As you could see, the American sports betting industry is a diverse and versatile field. No matter which type of sports betting you prefer – American sportsbooks are more than capable of delivering. On top of that, every sport is an independent category that offers a lot of options.

For instance, American football is at the top of the popularity lists when it comes to sports betting markets in the US. The reasons for such popularity are multiple, and they cover different betting options and slips.

Nonetheless, Money line bets are the top of the crop when it comes to American football. As we already mentioned, these bets are focusing on the winner of the outcome. No other element comes into play when you place a wager on the Money line bet aside from the result of the game.

Furthermore, Point Spreads are popular as well. Of course, the same goes for Over/Unders. Players enjoy guessing the number of points in a game, and that is why the Totals are so popular.


Despite the political turbulence, sports betting in America is rising in popularity. As a result, online sportsbooks are popping up on all sides. Needless to say, the players are reaping the benefits of this situation. They can place bets from the comfort of their home, right from the living room sofa. Talk about functionality and usability!

Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits that come from betting on some of the best sports betting sites in the United States. So, dive deep into the action and start placing wagers on your favorite teams as soon as you get the chance.

Sports betting FAQ

Online sports betting in America does not have a long-lasting tradition. For that reason, many players are not familiar with all the nooks and crannies of the betting process. So, we decided to provide you with some quick answers to the most common questions:

Is betting a skill or is it luck-based?
Unlike slot machines and all the other casino games, sports betting requires a certain level of knowledge. If you approach it that way, you can minimize the risks. By studying statistics, players can take a calculated risk. Therefore, sports betting requires skill, not luck.
What is a coupon?
Coupons are offered by many sports betting sites. In essence, coupon codes are a method that serves to entice and attract the players. Typically, coupons can unlock different bonuses, free bets, and similar benefits. In most cases, bookmakers send them out by email.
Can I combine different sports?
Even though players mostly choose one sport as their specialty, it is possible to bet on different sports. For instance, system bets allow you to combine different sports. But, be cautious with making the combinations since this requires a lot of knowledge and skill.
Can I make money from sports betting?
Sports betting is an activity that can provide you with a lot of entertainment. At the same time, it is possible to make millions on sports betting. Of course, skill and high levels of knowledge are a must-have if you want to make some cash by wagering on your favorite sports.
What is arbitrage betting?
Arbitrage betting can happen when there is a discrepancy between the odds offered by different bookmakers for the same event. By wagering on both sides, you can make a profit regardless of the outcome of the game. But, arbitrage betting requires relatively large sums of money since the returns are often less than 1%.
Can I bet on eSports?
As you may know, eSports are an emerging form of entertainment. More and more people are involved in this rapidly growing industry. As a result, you can bet on eSports on some of the sport betting sites in America. However, not all sites can provide you with the option of betting on eSports at the moment.
What is a handicap?
A handicap is a betting tool that allows the bookmakers to reduce the advantage of a heavily favored team. In other words, a handicap has the role of evening things out. Moreover, by using a handicap, one team receives a form of a 'virtual head start'.
Is betting legal?
In the recent period, government officials are often discussing the legality of sports betting. So far, online sports betting has received a seal of approval in 13 states in the US. Thus, if you are a resident of one of those states, you can place your bets in a legal and regulated manner.