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Alabama is one of those places in the United States that strictly do not offer or allow gambling within the geographical limits of the state. Casinos are illegal in Alabama since the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 was introduced. However only Pari-mutuel betting on the horses and the greyhounds are considered to be legal by the state. Alabama does not have any laws on online casino and gambling yet as online gambling is comparatively a new concept.

What is the Age Restriction Laid on the Players?

Like elsewhere, Alabama also has some restrictions on the age limit of the players who are willing to gamble using real money. The players must be above 19 years of age to play the different types of gambling games. This also includes online casino and gambling in Alabama.

What kind of Gambling is Allowed by the State?

Though gambling is illegal in Alabama, yet there are some types of gambling that are still allowed in the state by the laws.

  • Land-based gambling owned by the tribal people
  • Charitable gambling

There are a few tribes residing in Alabama out of which, Poarch Band of Creek, a tribe that has been federally recognized by the state are legally allowed to operate casinos. Currently, there are three land-based casinos running in Alabama by the tribal people. Apart from these, Pari-mutuel betting, greyhound racing, gambling are legalized in the state for the charity after the amendments in the laws were made in the year 2007. The organizations which are operating for this kind of games must be a non-profit organization and the prize money earned from such kind of games must be completely used for charitable purposes.

What are Online Gambling Sites in Alabama?

Fortunately, the state has not yet imposed any strict restrictions in some of the online gambling sites although land-based gambling is strictly not allowed by the state. The players can easily gamble in online casino sites such as:

  • Bet America with a smashing bonus of 100% up to an amount of $100

These online gambling sites help the people of Alabama to invest real money in the games. These games are basically on greyhound and horse racing. However, it is always advised that the players should be cautious while playing online casinos.

What are the Penalties Imposed by the State?

Alabama has strict laws against illegal gambling. If anyone is caught playing in the slot machines or any kind of gambling devices or caught gambling for real money, he will be fined up to an amount of $6000 or can be sentenced for imprisonment up to a year.

The Current State of Sports Betting

The laws of Alabama do not permit sports betting in the state. Thus neither offline nor online sports betting is accepted by the government of Alabama.


Gambling might not be made legalized by the state in the near future yet, we believe the state will in time open up to online gambling since more and more states in the US are starting to open up for it. This will not only help the residents but also the tourists to enjoy the exclusive features of online gambling. At this moment, we could assume that Alabama will take some time to align itself for the online casinos to operate in full swing.


The Legal Gambling Status of all US States

Below an interactive map is attached that shows all US states and the current gambling rules prevalent in that state. You can check all the rules and regulations just by a click on the state of your choice.

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