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Hawaii is one of the largest islands which is situated outside the territorial boundaries of the United States. Hawaii is one of the two states of the United States that does not allow gambling at all. Ever since the state was formed in the year 1959, gambling has been strictly prohibited in Hawaii. The laws of the state are very strict and no person in the entire state after the year 1959 has been allowed to gamble within the geographical limits of the state.

Is There Any Age Restriction Observed For Gamble In Hawaii?

While land based casinos are strictly off limits, online variants are accessible. However, the government has some restrictions on the age limit of the players who are willing to gamble using real money. The players must be either 18 years of age or above to indulge themselves into different types of online casino.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Hawaii?

SB 677 law would have gradually legalized online casino, but it failed as the lawmakers were not able to pass it in the assembly. Hawaii does not have any specific laws on the online casino or poker, or in online gambling. Hence, people can indulge themselves in online casinos and enjoy themselves.

What Are The Different Types Of Gambling In Hawaii?

Land based gambling is considered as completely unlawful in the state of Hawaii. Different types of games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, different kinds of racing, etc are strictly illegal in Hawaii. Slot machines and video slots are also completely banned from the state. Even state lottery is also considered as illegal in Hawaii. However, The people of the state are allowed to play social gambling as long as it is not done in any business establishment like bars, pubs, hotels, etc.

What Are The Penalties Imposed By The State?

Hawaii has strict laws against any kind of illegal gambling. If any person is caught playing in any of the illegal slot machines or using real money to indulge in some form of gambling devices the player can be sentenced for imprisonment up to a year or more. The punishment may vary depending on the amount of money wagered or the type of gambling.

The Current State Of Sports Betting In Hawaii

The laws of Hawaii does not permit any kind of gambling in the state. Sports betting is currently completely prohibited within the state. However, the lawmakers are trying hard to make sports betting legal in the state by passing laws in the legislative assembly after New Jersey and many other states of the United States got the permission of sports betting from the Supreme Court.


Hawaii may not legalize any kind of land-based gambling in the near future yet, we believe that the state will in time open up to more diverse range of online gambling since more and more states in the US are starting to open up for it. This will not only help the residents but also the tourists to enjoy the exclusive features of online gambling. Evidently Hawaii will take some time to open up for land based casinos to operate there.


The Legal Gambling Status Of All US States

An interactive map has been added below that will show you all US states and the current rules regarding the gambling that is prevalent in that state. Click on the state of your choice to know more about its rules and regulations in detail.

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