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Georgia is one of the US states with particularly very strict rules against gambling. The state maintains a very traditional approach to wagering and gambling. The residents of the state have to abide by these laws. The law does not permit the residents to construct any kind of land-based gambling centers within the territorial boundaries of the state except for charitable gambling and the state lottery.

Is there any Age Restriction Observed for Gamble in Georgia?

Georgia has an age restriction for the players who want to indulge in charitable gambling and the state lottery. The player must be 21 years or more of age to gamble in charitable games, online casinos, and 18 years or more to play in the state lottery.

Government Regulations Regarding Gambling

The government in the year 2002 declared video slots and the slot machines completely illegal in the state. The section code 16-12-20 et seq controls gambling laws in Georgia.

Is Online Casino Legal in Georgia?

The state has a completely non-existent brick and mortar gambling industry. except for fantasy sports and lottery. Georgia also has strict rules against offshore casino sites offering games except for fantasy sports and lottery. Georgia gambling laws usually apply to individuals playing at unlicensed offshore sites. Though in reality, no specific cases of prosecution have been reported against players who indulge at gambling on these sites. Therefore the players can easily indulge themselves in poker, online betting, online casinos, and online poker variants, etc. Additionally, there are some online sites that hold US license and are allowed to operate in the different states of the US, including Georgia.

What are Online Gambling Sites in Georgia?

There are many online sites that offer a large number of games to the players. Some of the authentic and famous sites that allow online gambling are:

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  • Bet 365 offers the players wonderful games on online streaming with a rating of 4/5
  • Bo-dog offers a smashing welcome bonus of $700 with a rating of 4/5
  • Bet rally offers a welcome bonus of an amount of $100 with a rating of 4/5
  • Spin Casino offers an amazing welcome bonus of $1000 with a rating of 4/5

The online casinos offer a large amount of welcome bonus, free spins and many other such bonuses on winning the games. These sites use advanced 128 bit SSL encryption for data protection and use HTML5 for awesome UI experience across cross-platforms.

What is the current state of Gambling in Georgia?

Georgia has always restricted different formats of land-based gambling in the state. However, in the year 1992 and 2012, the state provided permission to the residents to indulge in the state lottery under Section 16-12-38 and in charitable games within the state. The people can purchase state lottery which includes scratch cards etc. Gambling is allowed in Georgia only for charitable purposes. The only rule is that the prize money earned from these has to be completely utilized for charitable funds or should be given away entirely to the church.

The Current State of Sports Betting in Georgia

Sports betting is also not allowed within the state boundaries. The Federal Wire Act of 1961 restricts the players to form teams and gamble in online sports betting site in Georgia. However, the lawmakers of the state are trying really hard to introduce sports betting in the state.


The state of Georgia still observes an orthodox approach towards brick and mortar gambling and restricts the residents to indulge themselves in the state. The same sentiment applies to online casinos as well. Though people have been playing at offshore gaming sites without any known legal hassles. There is still no bill that will push for gambling in the State Senate at present. However, we are hopeful that Georgia might allow gambling in the near future and gradually reap the financial benefits from it.


The Legal Gambling Status of all US States

An interactive map has been added below that will show you all US states and the current rules regarding the gambling that is prevalent in that state. Click on the state of your choice to know more about its rules and regulations in detail.

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