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After going through our review of the Hollandish roulette strategy, you will be able to implement this system into your online roulette sessions. So, make sure to check out our guide on the Hollandish system and learn the basics of the strategy.

The Hollandish Roulette Strategy

Publicerad: 24 October, 2019

In case you are a fan of low-risk betting systems, the Hollandish system might be right up your alley. This simple and convenient strategy is easy to implement. Therefore, you could collect thousands of dollars on the roulette wheel by using the Hollandish. So, let’s examine the feature of this roulette strategy in more detail.

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The Philosophy Behind the Hollandish Roulette Strategy

According to experts on casino games, the Hollandish is a less aggressive strategy than the Martingale or Labouchere. For that reason, novice players can benefit from implementing this concept into their sessions in the best online casinos in the US.

In a way, the Hollandish is a strategy that follows the ‘wait and see’ approach. Because the system follows a 3-stage progression, the hot streaks are not the focus of the system. Also, the Hollandish is a negative progression strategy because the players increase bets after a loss.

As it seems, the information about the history of the Hollandish roulette strategy was lost over the years. Either way, the most important thing is the efficiency of the system. In other words, you only want to know if the Hollandish approach can reward you with a couple of dollars or not. Therefore, let’s move on to the basic principle of the Hollandish to explain how the system behaves in action.

How Does the Hollandish Roulette Strategy Work?

We already said that the Hollandish ‘works’ in a 3-stage system. To clarify, you will play three spins before moving on to a higher level in the progression.

Even so, the fundamental principle of the Hollandish roulette strategy conforms to the following rule:

  • Players increase bets by doubling the initial wager

Of course, this oversimplified rule is the tip of the iceberg. In other words, a lot more is going on with the Hollandish roulette system. Thus, it is best if we illustrate the mechanics of the system by using an example.

So, let’s imagine that you’ve joined a roulette table in one of the top New Jersey online casinos. The first thing you need to do is to set up the initial bet. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to start with table minimum. When it comes to the US online casinos, this amount is usually $5 or $10.

But, to make things easier, let’s say that your starting bet is $1. Following the rule stated above, the sequence of progressions would look like this: 1-3-5-7-9-11, and so on. Likewise, if you start the Hollandish with an initial bet of $2, the progressions would be somewhat steeper: 2-6-10-14-18-22, and so on.

However, the ‘trick’ with the Hollandish is in knowing when to step up onto the higher progression. Well, that’s where the 3-stage system steps onto the scene. If you are in a plus at the end of the third spin – you should go back to the starting bet. If you lose 2 out of 3 spins (or all three of them) – you move up the ladder and increase the bet size.

Can the Hollandish Roulette Strategy Beat the House Edge?

Even though the Hollandish seems like a well-designed system, the casino always has an upper hand when it comes to long-term play. The reason for this is simple – no matter which betting strategy you use, the house edge will always tip the scales in favor of the casino.

When it comes to roulette, experts recommend using the Hollandish strategy on the so-called outside bets. Typically, we refer to those wagers as 50-50 bets, but the odds are not as even as they may seem. On the contrary, the house edge reduces your chances to 48.6%, which means that Hollandish can be profitable only if you use it in short-term play.

Advantages of the Hollandish Roulette Strategy

Most players agree that the Hollandish is one of the most entertaining betting systems out there. Since it is easy to learn, this strategy can be quickly implemented into any roulette session.

Another advantage of this approach is that it is not as aggressive as some other strategies. Consequently, you can stay at the table for longer, extending the fun and enjoying the thrill. As we said, the 3-stage system allows players to calm things down. In other words, you can take your time and play at a slow pace without feeling the pressure of having to increase the bets. On top of that, the losses can be easily won back with the use of the Hollandish betting approach.

Disadvantages of the Hollandish Roulette Strategy

In a way, the slow pace of the progressions is both a blessing and a curse. To clarify, many players feel that the Hollandish is too slow and that it takes too long to make a profit. Moreover, the players are complaining about the need to grind out the winnings, which can be time-consuming.

As with many roulette strategies out there, one of the drawbacks of the Hollandish is that losing streaks can quickly deplete your bankroll. Even though this system is one of the safest, players should never chase losses when playing online roulette. If you decide to do so, your hard-earned dollars could go down the drain in a flash.

Modifications to the Hollandish Roulette Strategy

Unlike some other popular strategies, the Hollandish does not have any official variations. Yet, players can modify the system to suit their playing style. One of the most common ways of personalizing the Hollandish is to increase the size of the bets.

For instance, American roulette players can decide to spice things up and triple the bet (instead of doubling it). In that case, the progression would be even steeper if you start with $1 bet: 1-3-5-8, and so on.

How Difficult Is the Hollandish Roulette Strategy?

All in all, the Hollandish is not a complex system, and novice players can grasp the basics of this strategy with ease. At the same time, the Hollandish is not the easiest of the betting systems out there, so players need to stay focused at all times.

But, this betting scheme does not require that you use a pen and paper. In a way, this fact perfectly illustrates the simplicity of the Hollandish roulette strategy.

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The Verdict

Although the Hollandish comes with a couple of flaws, this betting system offers a lot of positive features as well. In fact, the pros outweigh the cons, even though this strategy is powerless against the casino advantage.

The bottom line is that the Hollandish boosts the excitement of online roulette. Thus, you should try out this betting strategy next time you visit a New Jersey online casino.

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