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Our comprehensive Oscar's Grind guide covers all the pros and cons of this betting system. By going through our Oscar's Grind roulette strategy overview, you will learn all there is to know about this system. Read the guide and learn how to win big!

Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy

Publicerad: 19 October, 2019

As an archetypal positive progression strategy, Oscar’s Grind is a popular system among roulette players in the US online casinos. Nonetheless, do you know if Oscar’s Grind is an efficient and reliable strategy? Can the winning streaks compensate for the losing ones, or it all comes down to the gambler’s fallacy? Let’s find out.

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The Philosophy Behind the Oscar’s Grind Strategy

In a way, the Oscar’s Grind roulette strategy is similar to the Martingale system. Likewise, some experts find similarities with the D’Alambert system as well. Either way, Oscar’s Grind falls into the group of the conservative betting strategies. In other words, you need to be a disciplined player if you want to maximize the profits with the use of this concept.

In fact, the urban legend surrounding the Oscar’s Grind says that a disciplined player named Oscar was the one who inspired the strategy in the first place. To clarify, the author of the well-known ‘The Casino Gambler’s Guide”, Allan Wilson, was the one who first mentioned the likes of Oscar back in 1965.

Later on, another name for the system appeared. As a result, you may hear the term Hoyle’s Press used instead of the descriptive Oscar’s Grind. And yes, the ‘grind’ in the title means that the players have to ‘grind out’ the wins. The same goes for casino enthusiasts who play roulette at the best New Jersey online casinos out there.

How Does Oscar’s Grind Work?

To be honest, Oscar’s Grind could seem more complicated than the Martingale or the Paroli system. However, once you grasp the basics of this strategy, you will understand the reasons for the popularity of Oscar’s Grind.

First of all, the players who want to try out this strategy should set a limit to their bankroll. For your safety, this step should never be ignored! After that, you can proceed with the system. Since the Oscar’s Grind uses a 4-stage progression, some players divide the scheme into four phases.

So, you should start the cycle by betting 1 unit. If you lose – the following wager remains the same. However, if you win the bet – the upcoming wager should be increased. So, you start the next round by wagering 2 units. The key is to make a profit of 1 unit, and as soon as you end up in the +1 position – the progression goes back to the initial bet.

In theory, the winning streaks should provide you with enough earnings to cover the losing streaks. For that reason, you only increase the bet after the ball lands in a favorable position on the wheel.  Even so, the experts recommend that players restart the cycle after reaching the fourth progression. Needless to say, the reason for such a call is to protect the bankroll and stay safe.

Can the Oscar’s Grind Beat the House?

Like most other betting strategies, Oscar’s Grind is best suited for even-money bets, such as odd/even, red/black, or high/low. Of course, the payout ratio of 1:1 may not be the most lucrative out there. However, these so-called outside bets are the safest in the game and players must use every trick in the book to reduce the casino advantage.

Yet, the problem with these odds is that they do not offer 50-50 chances. Instead, the green zero on the wheel offsets the balance. As a result, the odds of winning even-money bets on a European roulette are 48.65%. When it comes to the American variation of the game, the odds are even less favorable for the player: 47.37%.

Despite its best efforts, Oscar’s Grind is powerless against the house edge. Therefore, every online casino in the US will get out on top when it comes to long-term play. At the same time, this does not mean that you shouldn’t try out this system. On the contrary, Oscar’s Grind comes with a set of features that could improve your results at a New Jersey online casino.

Advantages of Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy

Since Oscar’s Grind is one of the safest betting systems, this method can keep your losses at a minimum. As a matter of fact, the use of Oscar’s Grind will leave you with a guaranteed win of at least 1 unit. Admittedly, most players are chasing bigger wins, but it is important to note that Oscar’s Grind, in theory, guarantees a certain win.

On top of that, this roulette strategy is simple and easy to implement. With a bit of practice, players can quickly grasp the nuances of the system.

Disadvantages of Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy

Speaking of nuances, players who try out this system will quickly realize that Oscar’s Grind comes with a couple of critical flaws. 

The fact that the scheme may seem complicated is nothing compared to the fact that Oscar’s Grind offers small gains in return for a lot of trouble.

To clarify, you could find yourself playing dozens or more rounds, only to end up with a +1 unit of profit. Meaning, you sometimes have to stay at the casino for hours to end the cycle and earn $5.

On top of that, losing streaks are more common than you may think. They can deplete your bankroll in flash! Thus, make sure to set the limit before trying out the Oscar’s Grind roulette scheme. By doing so, you will avoid being stripped of your hard-earned dollars at a New Jersey online casino.

Modifications to the Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy

Unlike some other strategies out there, Oscar’s Grind does not have any ‘official’ variant. However, players can modify the system depending on their personal preferences and playing style. In other words, they could decide to prolong the progression beyond stage number four.

Yet, any changes in the concept might increase the risk. So, take a cautious approach when modifying the Oscar’s Grind system and keep an eye on the bankroll at all times.

How Difficult Is Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy?

Even though this system has four (or more) stages, the basic premise of Oscar’s Grind is simple and easy to use. For that reason, even novice players can implement the strategy into their roulette session at the US online casinos.

All you have to remember is to increase the bets after winning and end the cycle when you find yourself in a +1 position. Everything else will come on its own. Of course, the more you play, the more relaxed you will feel when applying the Oscar’s Grind system.

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New Jersey online casinos are a great place to try out different roulette strategies, including Oscar’s Grind. The main features of this system are simplicity and reliability. Since this strategy guarantees at least some kind of win at the end of the session – many players decide to use Oscar’s Grind. Yet, it is important to note that this scheme offers small gains. On top of that, long progressions may be necessary in order to get out of the hole after suffering a few losses. Either way, Oscar’s Grind can boost the excitement levels of playing online roulette.

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