01 Jun, 2020

Which casino games has the lowest house edge?

We hear the questions getting asked a lot so we decided to dig deep into the subject to find you the answers. Below you will find the list over casino games that has the lowest possible house edge online - happy gambling!

Top 10 List of Casino Games With The Lowest House Edge

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Publicerad: 14 May, 2019

Will you agree that one of the main reasons why casino games are so popular is the adrenaline rush? Yes, that familiar surge of excitement that flies through our body when the Lady Luck gives us the least bit of attention.

But, some players refuse to accept the fact that luck is the over-riding factor in winning. As a result, they are only interested in games that provide the lowest possible house edge.

With that in mind, we decided to create a comprehensive overview of the top 10 casino games with the lowest house advantage.
Of course, before we proceed – we have to learn what is the house edge in the first place.

Place Game RTP House Edge
1 Video poker 99.50% – 95.00% 0.50% – 5.00%
2 Online slots 99.00% – 90.00% 1.00% – 10.00%
3 Baccarat 98.94% 1.06%
4 Craps 98.60% – 95.00% 1.40% – 5.00%
5 Three Card Poker 98.50% 1.50%
6 Roulette 98.30% 2.70%
7 Blackjack (single dec) 98.05% 1.50%
8 Pai Gow Poker 97.50% 2.50%
9 Backgammon 95.18% – 93.61% 4.82% – 6.39%
10 Caribbean Stud Poker 95.00% 5.00%


The house edge is a term derived from the so-called „applied mathematics“. In other words, the house edge is a statistical advantage that the casino holds over a player.
In short, „the house always wins“. The house edge indicates the average advantage that the casino establishment has over you.
Even so, by crunching the numbers we came up with a list of games that can provide you with lucrative returns. Here are the games of chance that can improve your chances of winning millions of dollars.


  1. Video Poker – 0.50 % to 5.00%
    Video poker is one of the youngest games of chance. But, this game can also bring lucrative rewards your way. However, you’ll have to forget about „gut plays“ or similar forms of gambling.If you play video poker by relying on skill and strategy, a royal flush will come your way every so often. The most rewarding variations of video poker for American players are Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.
  2. Online Slots – 1.00% to 10.00%
    It is no secret that slot machines are the undisputed kings of casino venues. Modern-day slots come with a wide array of interactive features and extras.Progressive jackpot slots are a high variance game, and they offer a huge house edge. So, stick to the classic slots and play on the maximum number of paylines. By doing so, you maximize your chances of winning a large sum.
  3. Baccarat – from 1.06%
    A favorite of the Agent 007 – the famous baccarat. Created in Italy during the middle ages, this game is steeped in history. At the same time, the rigid rules and the basic gameplay of baccarat allow players to collect the wins on a frequent basis.If you place your bets on the Player, the house edge goes down to 1.24%. Even better, you could bet on the Banker and have the house edge down to 1.06%.
  4. Craps – 1.40% to 5.00%
    On the other side of the difficulty spectrum is an exotic-looking game – the craps. The house edge and the returns in this game vary considerably. To clarify, craps come with many rules and forms of placing a wager.Yet, players who stick to the basic ‘Pass or Come’ bets stand the best chances of getting away with a win. The house edge when playing craps ranges from 1.4% to 5%.
  5. Three Card Poker – from 1.50% 
    Created in 1994, this all-American favorite is an exciting and entertaining new variation of poker. As the name implies, 3 cards go the player while the house also receives 3 cards.When playing Three Card Poker, casino goers play against the dealer. Furthermore, it is best to get acquainted with the terminology before starting to play this game. The likes of ante-bet, pair plus, or King/Queen high could confuse the novice players.
  6. Roulette (Single Zero) – 2.70%
    Reminiscent of the old grandeur, roulette is a casino game that offers some of the lowest house advantages in the market. After all, it is no coincidence that James Bond always picks roulette and his lucky number 17.As you probably know, there are two main types of roulette. The American roulette comes with one extra field (double zero). Thus, this type offers the house edge of 5.26%. On the other hand, the European or French roulette comes with the house edge of 2.7%.
  7. Blackjack (Single Deck) – from 1.50%
    One of the most popular casino games is the blackjack, in all its numerous variations. Above all, this table game is easy to learn. By using a combination of knowledge and judgment – you could lower the house edge to 1%.The Single Deck blackjack is a game you’ll enjoy playing. Just make sure you don’t go bust early on!
  8. Pai Gow Poker – from 2.50%
    Even though some casino experts refer to Pai Gow as the Frankenstein, there is no doubt that this game of chance can sway the odds in your favor. A unique mix of the Chinese domino game and poker, Pai Gow presents a modern twist on the ancient gambling forms.The house edge of 2.5% is a great head start, but you will need knowledge and skill to come away with large prizes.
  9. Backgammon – from 4.82% to 6.39%
    Speaking of ancient games, the backgammon is another example of the classic games of chance. More importantly, backgammon also offers favorable, i.e. a loose house edge.Since backgammon is a combination of a table game and a dice game, the house edge can vary. Needless to say, your playing style will also affect the returns.
  10. Caribbean Stud Poker – from 5.00%
    The tropical-themed Carribean Stud Poker is another interesting entry on our list. The house edge with this game starts at 5%. Similar to the Three Card Poker, this one also faces you against the dealer.Moreover, the Carribean Stud Poker features the Jackpot Bet. By placing a bet on the JP box, you could become eligible for the life-changing jackpot.


As you could see, the house edge is an important element of the gaming process. Therefore, we advise our readers to always check if a certain casino provides credible information about the house edge.

In the end, your money is on the line here. You are the one who should practice the skills and develop your knowledge of the gaming process. Luckily, our guide of the top 10 casino games with the lowest house advantage is here to help.