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Best NBA Prop Bets Tonight [Win Guaranteed]

Muhammad Hasnain


Muhammad Hasnain

Post Date

Dec 25, 2021

best nba prop bets tonight


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Looking for the best NBA prop bets tonight? Stop right here! We have listed the best NBA bets you can make tonight. In comparison to the current market odds, we have a few player props that still have some worth. Let’s see who we’re rooting for in today’s games. Since there are three games taking place tonight, we will be able to focus on a few key players for our player prop bets.

Betting on NBA players is one of the best gambles you can make. Not only is it easy to make bets on it, but the matches are also fun to watch. If you are a basketball fan then this is the opportunity for you. You can always look at these top 4 US online casinos and sports betting sites to put your bets!

What is NBA?

Best nba prop bets tonight

NBA match

Before we discuss the best NBA prop bets tonight, it is important to know what exactly is NBA. You must know what you are betting on in order to ensure a winning bet.  NBA is one of the biggest 4 sports leagues in the United States of America and Canada combined. It stands for National  Basketball Association, which is a professional basketball league based in North America.

The league has a total of 30 teams, which play a total of 82 matches in a season. A regular season of NBA takes place from April to October. Sometimes, because of some extreme situations, the matches do not take place at the regular timing. However, it is very rare that the schedule changes, so there is nothing to worry about.

What are NBA Prop Bets?

When it comes to sports betting there are many different kinds of bets one can make. For example, you can bet on which team will win, who is going to be the best player, and many other bets. The most common one is the money line bet. This bet is only put on the team which you think is going to win. The bet in which you wager on a player’s or team’s statistical performance is the NBA prop bet. It’s not like a standard wager, when you bet on a team to win, cover, or have the total go over or under the line.

Best NBA Picks for Today

Best NBA Prop Bets Tonight

These prop bets will get you the win you are looking for.

December 14 brings three interesting matches tonight. From these matches, we have found a few NBA prop bets that have the best odds of winning. There are many factors that affect how a match is going to turn out to be; one of which is luck. As we all know whenever luck is involved, there is never a 100% guarantee. The sportsbooks are waiting for eligibility news on a number of markets. However, by reading the projections and discussing with other regular bettors, we are able to pick out 3 players to bet on.

If you are willing to make more bets than these, then you can always check the odds at to find more capable players. In this article, we will be telling you the bets that are the most likely to get you a win. Please note that betting lines and our game projections changes throughout the day. Therefore, it is better to keep yourself updated with the live match status and odds.

Grayson Allen (+135)

Tonight’s matchup between the Indiana Pacers and the Milwaukee Bucks will be missing some star power as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton are unlikely to play, which means there will be plenty of weight on Grayson Allen’s shoulders in this one. Giannis is reported to have been infected by COVID-19 and Khris has an injured knee, hence, they will not be participating in today’s match.

Since Milwaukee’s top players will not be there, Allen will be able to take the spotlight and become the highlight of the match. According to many experts, Allen is going to get more than 12 points against the Pacers tonight. He is one of the best NBA prop bets to make tonight. Take this chance and bet right now! Let’s not lose this chance.

Donovan Mitchell (-149)

Our next top pick for tonight’s match between Utah Jazz and LA Clippers is Donovan Mitchell. This should not be too surprising for NBA fans as we all know how good of a shooter Mitchell is. Even though LA Clippers have a strong defense, no one can stop a good shooter such as Mitchell from scoring good points.

Moreover, Mitchell seems to be very motivated this December. Mitchell has made at least four 3-pointers in every game this month. Against Celtics, Mitchel became one of the top players by scoring 6 pointers and winning the match. Donovan is no doubt the best player Utah has at the moment.

The one drawback is that LA Clippers seem to have a very strong defense. Because of their defense, it might be hard for Utah to score more, but we can not ignore Mitchell’s talent. Being on a hot streak, Mitchell is on fire and probably will score more than 3.5 pointers. Betting on him will definitely be worth it!

Nikola Jokic (-150)

The third and last pick for this match is Nikola Jokic. There are always more possible good prop bets to make, but these three will most likely win you something. The majority of good NBA players who collect rebounds day in and day out are highly consistent at it. Nikola Jokic is one of those players making an average of over 13 rebounds every game this season. No matter who is put against Jkoic, this man will still be one of the sports bettors’ favorites for today.

Although it is true that Jokic’s performance has not been able to gain some attention since November 14, he is performing well this season. Do not worry because Nikola is one of the best bets to make today. Trust us and go for it. You will not regret it a bit!


The best NBA prop bets tonight are Nikola Jokic, Donavan Mitchell, and Grayson Allen, with the highest odds of winning. However, there are also some other worthy prop bets to make tonight that you can check out on MGMbets. Analyze the matches, read the odds, and start betting! Stay updated with the live match as the odds and projections may change throughout the match.

The number of consecutive wins or losses is unimportant as long as you believe you have a competitive advantage over the oddsmakers. How can one tell whether he has a competitive advantage? Take a random sample of your last 500 or more bets. You still have it if you are profitable. The higher the return on investment, the better. Hence, like Kobe used to say, keep shooting. Hopefully, you will win all the bets you make tonight!


Are Prop Bets Legal?

Yes, unless you live in a state or country that prohibits betting, prop bets on NBA, NFL, or any other game is legal. You can choose to make prop bets using an online sportsbook or visit a domestic one and place a bet. Make sure that the online sports betting site you choose to use is licensed and not a fraud.

Are NBA Prop Bets Good Bets to Make?

NBA prop bets are quite profitable and one of the best ways to earn quick money. There are a total of 82 matches and countless players who you can bet on. Of course, it is risky just like any other gamble. However, if you read the odds carefully and take tips from field experts, you are going to get at least enough wins to make you a decent profit.

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