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Punishments For Losing a Bet: 10 Fun Punishments


Sanan khan

Post Date

Nov 23, 2021

Punishments For Losing a Bet


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Punishments are part of a game, but here we do not mean in any way any cruel thing that is nor fun nor part of the sportsman spirit that we advocate for. We have thus handpicked 10 of the best punishments for losing a bet very carefully so no one is offended at the end of the bet while the fun remains constant.

Healthy Bet Punishments

Healthy punishments in today’s day and age are very important. It was important in any era but in today’s time the importance we have placed on being civil while protecting the sentiments of others from any unnecessary harm has become a norm and a person can’t come under the umbrella of being a civil individual if they don’t take care of this basic thing. Likewise betting and the punishments associated with them can go overboard and the sentiments which are holy to every individual are scared and then it creates loads of issues, and a fun time turns sour leading to a bad taste in the mouth of everyone. But don’t worry, with our healthy punishments for losing a bet, you will not go through such turmoil and everything will go smoothly.

Toxic Bet Punishments

Unlike healthy punishments the toxic punishments are abhorred, they are first of all not needed and if the individuals need it in the name of fun then they should introspect a little and see where they have gone wrong in their life. Some people out there use racism, someone’s religion, and the belief system or culture of people in banter after a bet or during the bet to satisfy their corrupted souls. The corrupted soul is a very good representation of such people because the punishments for losing a bet should be fun but if your definition of fun is resorting to tactics mentioned before then you have corrupted the most important part of yourself, your soul. Such tactics don’t get you very far and a prestigious cricket club got banned for the venom called racism.

10 Best Punishments For Losing a Bet

These are some of the best punishments that one can make, we have handpicked them and tried and tested them in different environments which included an array of people from different backgrounds, and non were offended by the outcome of this. But you have to know one thing, that the subjectivity is still there and there might be few people, few means like 0.1% in a 100% who will get offended by such things. So before making a bet, you should know the nature of the people you are betting with because at the end of the day not everyone is made for betting.

Telling a Funny Story

This is something that we have seen people do for ages, and it might not be as thrilling for people of today because people have fewer stories from the real world and more from the virtual world. Now everyone is so fixated with their smart devices that very few people have amazing stories to tell or any personal experiences. Go a bet with people but at the end of the day, your main purpose should be to get out of the virtual world that has trapped you.

No Shave Month

We know that the no-shave November exists and a good chunk of people follow this trend but you do not need to follow it this month. If you are making this bet in November then make sure the one on the losing end of it has to extend his no shave number but if it happens on regular days then he has to go no shave for one whole month. This is a very fun bet to make because a beard is all some people need to complete their appearance and the person losing might find his new look.


You must have heard of the laughing therapy and a good laugh can cure many things, we are just not aware of it. By having it as a punishment for losing a bet you are not just helping your friends or family in an indirect way but also yourself you get to have a nice laugh. You must have noticed when someone is laughing you automatically chime in. That is the beauty of this punishment.

On the other hand, if you feel that a one-time laugh is not just enough and doesn’t’ give you the thrills. Then make sure you punish the person to laugh all day long as you walk into the room or the place they are in. This bet is recommended if the person is living with you or you share a space because you can then twist it a little by saying if you find the person laying then they have to laugh hard or an equivalent of this, maybe caught them eating junk or drink alcohol or smoke?

Spicy Noodles

These things are one of the most selling products, I always felt that they are not good enough to eat because there is no taste at all and it is like inflicting punishment on yourself but they are used for bets. One can eat them if they lose a bet as a punishment and the face of the person who is eating can be a good entertainment source, of course, if they give yo their consent because some people can’t tolerate extreme spices and may end up in a hospital, so before making such a bet you need to be aware of the people.

Such punishment for the most part is safe but if you look at the deeper level of it, then you are playing with the health of the person if you force them to eat despite them having no tolerance to spices. There was a bet in our dorm last year where a person lost and he was begging to not make him eat the spicy noodles because he had an ulcer issue, but he was forced by his peers na thus he ended up in a hospital. Such a thing falls under a bad or toxic bet punishment.

No Make-up

Make-up is a very important part of one’s life. Now even men are doing it and it is a sign of the progressive world we live in. It depends on individual to individual but such progress is a welcoming sign. Never the less if your peer losing a bet needs a good punishment that is fun and hard, then making them go without makeup the whole day will not be a bad bet and comes under health punishments for losing a bet. It will be tough for the person but at the end of the day it is not as harsh as the no-shave November and certainly one can pull it off, after all, makeup is not something natural and the use of it can lead to many skin related issues that we are not aware of. In the end, it all comes down to personal choices but if someone feels their natural skin is better than the artificial elements they feed it, then the purpose of a healthy bet is met.


Netflix is an important part of our lives. Once books were very important and people used to discuss them and some books had a cult following, those not reading them were considered outliners. The same goes with Netflix and their popular shows which are very vital and outliners are still there, some people like me don’t watch the hot shows and find them overhyped despite the pressure of my friends. If you have such a peer who is not into your favorite show then making them go and watch your favorite Netflix show is a very good idea. From the surface, it is something that might make the person losing the bet a bit sad and forced but it will enhance your bond, and tomorrow in goodwill if you watch their favorite shows they will feel nice, and then you two can exchange a taste in such things. A taste in cinema, books and other forms of art once exchanged can leave a very strong bond that lasts a very long time.

Baking or Cooking

If you have a friend or a family member who has a special dish and they don’t make or bake it because of their lazy nature then a bet is a good trap to make them get their lazy ass to the kitchen and give you that amazing treat that your taste buds deserve. This is a healthy punishment for losing a bet because first of all a healthy skill like cooking is involved in this. This means that the development of the person takes place while your taste buds at the end of the day are served. But beware of one thing, for some people going out of loo during all this, might be an indication of them being forced. We had an Indian colleague and she used to make one of the best rice that we had ever tasted but wouldn’t make it if we asked her because of personal reasons. We never bothered her and she then made them for us once in a blue moon and forbade us from pushing her into a kitchen on force or in a bet punishment.

There you might see cooking as a harmless thing but for some people and in some cultures women are made for the kitchen only and studying or doing something else like an outside job is considered taboo. She had broken those clutches and when we used to collectively force her into making that rice for us, she never budged and felt bad and finally told us the real reason behind it. Thus punishments for losing a bet should be kept within certain boundaries looking at the culture and the individuals involved.

Helping the Needy

Look some people might feel that this is a bad thing to tell someone what to do with their money but there are individuals who are willing to give it to society but are not aware of the avenues that lead to a good charity that has a purpose at the end. You can make a bet with your family or friends and of course, look at their financing and the loser has to pay the other one. Then upon losing you can add up something from your pocket and instead of accepting the cash you won for defeating your opponent at a bet, take it to an appropriate place like an orphanage and give it as a donation. This way the welfare of the society takes place as well as the most brilliant thing that we talked about, laughter, giggles, and smile are made, and you are the reason for it.

Drinking a smoothie made from a little bit of everything in your fridge

This is one of those awkward bets that some people might find very odd, including me but my tea tested it and tried it in different environments and very few people got offended by iy. The aim of this one is to make sure you have a strong blender and whatever is in the refrigerator that day, you have to take a little amount of each and blend it no matter what it is, and then drink it at one go. This can be a very good option but in the end, you should respect the hesitation of your friend or family member if they are not into this because for some people, especially Muslims the food is very sacred and the use of it in such a way is wastage and not at all something that pleases them. If you are going to make such a bet with a Muslim for example or another person with a similar thought process about this, then make sure you don’t go ahead with it and put a full stop to this as it will turn into one of those toxic punishments for losing a bet.


Not everyone has a good voice and some are not able to sing with confidence. But if you are in a situation where you have won a bet, then you can make that person sing. Make sure it is not by brute force but with love and care. It takes out the best in a person in terms of confidence and can enable them to maybe find hidden talents.


The Bottom Line

These were some of the very best non-toxic punishments for losing a bet. This can enable you and many like you to create strong bonds as well as have a good outlook on bets. In the majority of cases, the bets turn toxic and it creates demons inside you or takes the absolute worse out of people. Do make bets but in a healthy manner and do punish them but for the sake of fun, not embarrassment.


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