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Lovely Bets to Make With Your Crush


Sanan khan

Post Date

Nov 23, 2021

Bets to make with your crush


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Looking for some flirty bets to make with your crush so you can spice things up? Here you go! Just the right amount of sugar and spice to make the best out of your bet with your crush. No matter who wins, these bets will make sure that you guys finally level up your friendship or maybe even move to something more than just friends. Now, let’s hop right into it!

Bets to Make With Your Crush

Bets aren’t for everyone; aside from sarcasm, a true bet would need considerable fidelity and bravery. While half of you will be excited, the other half will get shivers thinking about how it will finish. There are several intriguing bets you may make with your crush in order to grow closer to them and eventually make them yours. Before we begin, we must first define the boundaries that must be followed. Though it is difficult to determine how far your crush’s boundaries extend, it is critical to acknowledge them. You don’t want to appear and sound like a creep to your crush, do you? Clearly not! Who would want anything like that?

Everyone has different layers of walls that they build around themselves to shield themselves from those who can emotionally and physically harm them. If you want to create a bet with your crush, start by saying it casually and looking at their face. If they appear bothered or uncomfortable, that is your cue to change the bet before they form a negative opinion of you. Having a negative impression of you will lower your status in their eyes, and they may no longer want to be your friend. Hence, respect your crush’s wishes and do not push them too much. Enough talking about the precautions now let’s jump right into the list of bets you can make with your crush!

The loser has to Watch a Romantic Movie With the Winner!

Bets to make with your crush

Watching movies in the cinema

Wow! now this ball should be your goal as romantic movies leave you in a state of euphoria especially when you are watching them with your crush! Whether your crush wins or you, it’s going to be really fun as the movie’s soft feeling will infuse in any of you.

Watching a movie will be a very exciting event for both of you. You can make bets with your crush on what is going to happen next in the movie. Making fun of them when they lose and cuddling with them while watching the movie would be the best way to utilize this chance. Grabbing a cup of coffee, sneering at each other, and enjoying the movie. This way you will definitely be able to get closer to your crush. You can also play movie-based slots for this bet!

The cold night will end up in one of the most romantic nights of your life. Crazy fizzy thoughts are bound to roam inside your minds while you watch the movie together. Just go by the flow and everything will be fine. You can also watch 5 feet apart. Ah, what a great movie it is! I remember watching it with my crush and it happened to be my favorite night ever. I feel butterflies in my stomach whenever I think about that night.

Five Feet Apart is a romantic movie but yeah a little sad one. However, wouldn’t you want to wipe your crush’s tears when they cry? Well, I sure did! My crush and I grew a lot closer because of this movie. If you are looking to get closer to your crush through a bet, then, you have to make this bet with them.

The Loser Has to do Whatever the Winner Says!

Bets to make with your crush

Friends spending time together

This bet will leave both of you super curious and excited about what is it going to be. If you win, this will be your biggest win ever! You can make your crush do whatever you want to do. Of course, they must have agreed to take such a big risk now if they lose they should have to face the consequences, shouldn’t they? I’m sure they will be fine with doing anything for you till it is within the boundaries. No matter what, you must not cross your boundaries because then they might think of you as a creep. Make sure that you do not ask them something that might push them away from you and even break the little friendship you have with them.

However, if you lost to your crush, it is still going to be good. So, do not worry because this bet will work in your favor no matter who wins. Your crush will not put you into some kind of big trouble if he or she is a nice person. However, if they do put you through something too troublesome, you can reason with them. Hopefully, they will understand you and give you some other dare. If they insist on giving you trouble then, perhaps you should change your crush as it would be a big red flag.

Whatever your crush tells you to do, make the best out of it! Try not to be too sexual through this bet if you are not very close to them. Remember that happiness lies in little things. You can dare them to have a walk together in the dawn and spend the entire day together. Moreover, you can also ask your crush to have a dance with you or do something embarrassing. This way you guys will have a good laugh and make many memories together.

Loser Will Buy Lunch for the Other!

Bets to make with your crush

Eating Lunch Together

Not only will this bet kill your hunger but also let you guys spend some quality time together. Falling in love takes time. Hence, to make your crush fall in love with you, you need to spend a lot of time with them. Slowly but eventually, you will make space for yourself inside his or her heart. If your crush wins the bet, find out about their favorite dish and treat them to it.

It would be better if you could take them to a fancy restaurant but a small one would also be fine as long as it is clean and serves tasty dishes. Doing this will probably make your crush very happy. They might even get an idea about how much you like them. Nonetheless, everyone feels grateful when someone treats them to their favorite dish.

In case you win the bet, ask them to buy their favorite dish. This will make them really happy and they will not feel so bad about losing the bet. Love is all about caring. So, you should make sure that your other half is not sad because of something. Give them compliments throughout lunch, especially about their adorable smile! Do not leave any opportunity to get closer to them: both physically and mentally. Hopefully, one day they will be yours!

Loser Has to Sing a Song For the Winner!

Bets to make with your crush

Girls singing a song with her heart

One of the best bets to make with your crush is that the loss has to sing a song for the winner. Research has shown that many people who are put on the spot to sing usually either sing a song they have been practicing hard or the song they relate to the most. If they sing a song they have been working really hard on, your compliment will boost their confidence and make them really happy. This might even encourage them to sing more songs for you! Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend time hearing your crush sing all kinds of songs for you? Oh, how romantic it will be!

If they are insecure about their voice, tell them to sing their favorite song and assure them that you will not judge. To make them feel better you can sing a song for them too. One does not need to have a beautiful voice to sing a song they love. If your crush sings a romantic song then congratulations! You might actually already have gotten their heart! No one sings a romantic song alone with someone especially when they are insecure about their voice. Look into their eyes while they sing. You must have heard the phrase “Eyes are the gateway to one’s soul”, and it is true! If you want them to fall in love with you, make as much eye contact as you can.  None of you will be able to stop the warm fuzzy feeling the atmosphere will create.

The Loser Cooks Dinner for the Other!

Bets to make with your crush

Couple cooking dinner together

Want to invite your crush to your home or visit their home but be very subtle about it? Then, this is the best bet to make with your crush! Getting into each other’s houses will be the first step to upgrading your casual friendship to something deeper and closer. If you live with your family members, this is the moment you introduce your crush to your family. Your crush will feel a lot more closer to you if she or he could meet your family and see the house you live in. This will help them relate to you and they will feel very comfortable too!

On the other hand, maybe your crush would want to cook dinner for you in their own home. Do not worry because this is also a great chance! You see this is one of the best bets to make with your crush that will benefit you either way. First of all, someone only invites you into their house when they trust you and only have positive feelings about you. So, do not break their trust by judging their house. Most people get uncomfortable when someone makes bad remarks about their house. Do not say things like “Oh why have you painted this color on your wall? It looks funny!”, instead say things that will make them happy. For example, you can compliment how clean their house is or how good the decorations look. Do not try to be too nosy though. Just make one or two compliments.

You can also help them with the dishes and chill on the sofa after dinner. Just have as much fun as you can with them on this dinner date.

Loser Will Buy a Gift for the Winner!

Bets to make with your crush

Girl holding a gift

Again this is one of the most wonderful bets to make with your crush. As you may have heard the saying “Giving is what separates men from beasts”, giving is an absolutely amazing gesture to showcase your love for someone. Giving and receiving gifts is a powerful action that can strengthen the bonds between friends, families, and lovers. Just think about how you feel when you receive a heartfelt gift from someone or the time when you bought a gift for someone and they couldn’t control their happiness. Both scenarios warm your heart to the core, don’t they? Gifts are more than just some random thing you give to someone, it is a demonstration of your love and care.

Now this will again have two scenarios. One: they buy a gift for you, second: you buy a gift for them. Looking at the first scenario, the kind of gift they buy for you will tell you a lot about your crush. If they buy you roses, take note of the color they are. For example, red roses represent love, care, and affection, while the yellow roses are the symbols of friendship and joy. Your crush may tell you that the red roses looked pretty so they bought them for you, but do not be fooled! The red color itself is the symbol of love. If they get attracted to a red rose, it is possible that they were feeling loved and romantic at that moment.

For the second case, buy them something that will last for a long time. Your gift should remind them of you whenever they look at it. Roses may wither after some time so it might not be a good present to gift. You have to make the best choice so think wisely!

The Winner Gets to Do the Loser’s Makeup

Bets to make with your crush

A girl doing her friend’s makeup

Studies have shown that people who spend quality time together, laughing and playing have more chances to fall in love with each other. Spending time with your crush is one of the few pleasures in life that very little but rewards you significantly. Doing fun things together will help you both make beautiful memories that will last forever.

Moreover, you can also ask your crush whether they like someone or not once you feel like you have gotten close to them. People tend to be more honest after they have had a good laugh. You can also ask questions about their interests and likes while they do your makeup or while you do their makeup. Anyhow, just remember to make this day your happiest. Not everyone gets a chance to get so close to their crush and you will have to opportunity to touch their face. How fortunate!

Scenarios If You Win The Bets

Until now we talked about bets that will benefit you no matter who wins. Now, we will talk about what you can make your crush do if you win the bets! This will require you to throw your cloak of shyness and finally step out. These dares will guarantee to change your friendship into something more!

Ask Your Crush to Go on a Date with You!

Bets to make with your crush

A candlelight date is one of the most romantic dates to exist.

If you are bold enough, just go for it and ask them out. One of the best ways to get your crush to like you back is to put yourself out there and be honest about your feelings. This is one of the best chances you have. You can use the bet as an excuse to make sure they accept even if they hesitate. Do not lose this amazing opportunity that you have and make sure they accept. They will know how amazing you are only when they spend more time with you, and this is exactly why you need to take her on a date.

Book the fanciest restaurant you know and wear your best dress to the date. You can also take your crush on an exhilarating bike ride or even have a candlelight dinner at home. Make sure to be on you 100% that day! This is once in a lifetime thing and you may not get such an amazing chance again. Take good care of your crush and show them that you would make an awesome lover.

Ask Your Crush For a Kiss!

Bets to make with your crush

Kissing the forehead is a beautiful way of expressing love

Now, this is where you take things to another stage. Ask them for a kiss! This is now or never. It will take some guts but trust me it will be worth it. Show them your greatest kissing skills and capture their heart. Kissing is the way to someone’s heart and eventually the bed. However, if they seem uncomfortable, do not force them no matter what. Consent, my dear, is very important when it comes to sexual and physical activities with your partner. Talking them into it while noticing they are uncomfortable will still count as sexual harassment so avoid doing that at all costs. Do not cross the line and become a creep.

Tell Them to Hug You For a Minute!

Bets to make with your crush

Man hugging a woman

The last and final recommendation we have for you is to ask them to hug you. This will neither cross the line nor make you look like a creep because hugging is a warm gesture that even friends do. Hugging is an act of comforting others and a demonstration of your feeling.

Even study has shown hugging to be a very powerful activity that helps in strengthening and creating bonds between two people. According to science and psychology, when you hug someone, your body releases a bonding hormone which is oxytocin. This hormone works in calming down humans and helps in creating a strong bond between them. If you want your crush to fall in love with you instantly, you might want to start with hugging.

Even without winning a bet, try to hug them as much as possible. Are they telling you about something bad that happened with them? hug them. Are they telling you how they won a trophy in the sports they love? Hug them. Or even if they are just feeling lost and confused about their, JUST HUG THEM. You can not imagine how important hugs are in getting close to someone.


Everybody thinks that everything gets pretty if you are with your favorite person. However, it is not always the case. Things are always changing with time, you have to build the synergy and do pretty things even when you do not feel like doing it. Falling in love is easy but it is staying in love that makes things even harder. So, even if you can get your crush to become your girlfriend or boyfriend through these bets, make sure you want them this much after getting them. Anyways, we hope these amazing bets to make with your crush were helpful for you. Stay tuned and comment on which idea do you like the most!

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