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Craps Strategy: With Highest Odds of Winning


Sanan khan

Post Date

Nov 23, 2021

Craps Strategy


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Are you seeking the most effective craps technique ever devised? Congratulations, then! You’ve arrived at the correct location. This guide has been created exclusively for you by a team of casino specialists and enthusiasts. This abstract is a lengthy and detailed guide designed to ensure that our audience completely comprehends how to learn and use the most acceptable craps strategy.

When I started playing Craps, I spent hours searching the internet for the best learning method, but I came up empty-handed. As a result, so that you do not have to go through the same experience, I have incorporated every craps method worth studying with my other team members and casino experts.

Craps is without a question one of the most popular casino games. You will not find someone who likes gambling but is unfamiliar with the Craps game. It is a fast-paced game that keeps players engaged throughout the contest. Casino games are enjoyable to play, but they are much more enjoyable when some level of competition is involved. And this is where most of the excitement in Craps stems from.

A craps table is often busy, and inexperienced players and slot machines players may find it scary. The design of a Craps table appears to be rather sophisticated, which deters players who prefer to play simple games from playing it. However, after you understand the rules of Craps, simply watching other players play and cheer them on is entertaining.

Craps is a game that takes a significant amount of experience. So don’t expect to master a craps strategy in a single day. It will take some time, but believe me when I say it will be fun! So, let’s get started with the guide and begin our quest to become a Craps pro.

What is Craps?

Craps Strategy

Craps table layout

The Craps game is a variation of the European game, the Hazard. While Hazard is a more complex game, Craps is the simpler version of it. The game was brought to New Orleans from London in 1805. However, Craps gained popularity in America during world war II. Although the elites of the social class rejected the game, countless people from the lower class were already addicted to it.

Craps is a casino game where 10 to 12 individuals gather around a complicated-looking table. The Craps table is always the source of the most noise, yelling, and cheering at a casino. You might not believe it, but despite many people around the table, there are only two genuine participants in the game. Craps is an exciting dice game in which participants place bets based on the dice roll outcome. The shooter is the person whose turn it is to toss the dice. When that person rolls the dice, the other player takes over as the shooter.

Before playing Craps at a casino, it is essential to understand the fundamental rules of the game. Some individuals refuse to recognize that understanding every basic rule is the most critical component in winning a casino game. The Craps game is played against the casino bank or other players, with real money bets made using casino chips. Craps players play the game on a specially designed table whose structure displays all of the many betting alternatives available. They also use different kinds of Craps strategies to win the game. On the felt, there are several betting opportunities. The felt on the table is a fabric layout with the Craps design on it.

Craps Rules

Craps Strategy

Craps Stickperson and dice odds

Now let’s learn the rules so we can finally get on the craps strategy part. To master a strategy in any game, it is essential that we first understand the rules thoroughly. Craps are a game of chance, but it does not mean that one can win without learning the basics. Some people just read the rules casually, thinking that they are not necessary. Because of this, players tend to make silly mistakes that become the cause of their loss.

Basically, in craps, all that happens is that one player throws the dice, and the other player bets according to what he guess the outcome will be. There are several types of bets in Craps, and it is essential to understand when to place them and when to not. Many players find it hard to memorize every type of bet and how they are played. Hence, making it as simple and easy we can, we will give a thorough explanation for all of it. Once you learn the rules, we recommend you practice playing online on online casinos. You do not have to compete with someone for money. Just play a practice match. This will help you get a better understanding of how things work in Craps.

Our win is indeed guaranteed if good luck is by our side. However, there are ways you can manipulate the outcome of the dice and use specific strategies to turn the game in your favor. You can not always expect the lady luck to give you some attention. To master and ace these strategies, you need to learn the rules. Contradictory to how it looks, Craps rules are straightforward. Finally, let’s begin with the shooter.

The Shooter

As we discussed before, the shooter is the person that throws the dice. The two players in the game will take turns throwing the dice. When one is throwing a dice, he will be the shooter but when he is done throwing the dice, he will no longer be the shooter. Moreover, the other player will then become the shooter. This is how the players will take turns in being the shooter. The shooter throws a dice when the other player on the table finishes placing a bet on the outcomes of the dice. While a shooter shoots a dice, the other person is busy placing bets.

The Stick Person

The stick person is the guy/girl who can touch and move the dice after the shooter rolls them. No one else except the shooter is allowed to touch the dice. This person has a very simple job on the table which is to be alert, watch over the dice attentively, and pass the dice to the person who becomes the shooter. A sick person uses a stick with a curved end to move the dice across the table. He uses the same stick to pass the dice to the shooter. This person is called a stick person for this particular reason: he holds a stick.

Pass Bets

The Pass Line wager or Pass bet is made on the outcome of the first roll of the dice. It’s also known as an even-money bet because the amount won is equal to the amount risked, and the odds give you an equal chance of winning or losing. You will win if the first dice roll is a 7 or 11, while a 2, 3, or 12 will result in a loss. Other dice combinations, on the other hand, will get you a point. You must receive that number again before getting 7 to win the bet once a point has been established.

Don’t Pass Bets

Don’t Pass bets are wagers put on the Don’t Pass Line on the Craps table. This wager is also known as the even-money bet since it has an even-money probability of winning. It is also the reverse of a Pass Line bet. A Don’t Pass Line bet is one in which you will lose if you get a 7 or 11 and win if you get a 2 or 3. In a don’t pass bet, a 12 dice roll is a tie and you neither win nor lose. If you acquire it again after making a point, you will lose. Rolling a 7 while holding a point, on the other hand, will result in a win.

Come Bets and Don’t Come Bets

Come Bets and Don’t Come Bets are opposite and reverse of each other just like Pass Bets and Don’t Pass bets. These bets work quite similarly to Pass and Don’t Pass bets. If you choose to place a Come Bet, you will win if the outcome of the dice thrown by the shooter is a 7 or an 11. On the contrary, if you place a bet on the Don’t come and the outcome of the dice roll is 7 or 11, you will lose the bet. 2, and 3 will get you a win in don’t come bet and a loss in Come bet. 12 means a tie in Don’t Come bet while in Come bets getting it will make you lose the bet. We need to know about these bets to learn a Craps strategy.

Field Bets

We have till now talked about the four main bets, Come, Don’t Come, Pass, and Don’t. However, these are not the only bets to exist. You can not play like a professional and carry out a good strategy if you only learn half the rules. Field bets are also one of the bets you can place in the Craps game. These bets have portions designed specifically for them.

A Field bet is a bet in which a player can roll the dice only once. You will have only one chance to guess the outcome of the dice right and win this bet. To win this bet the dice must roll a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. On the other hand, if you get a 5, 6, 7, or 8, you will lose the bet. Field bet pays out different amounts of money on getting a 2 and 12. When a player wins a field bet with a 2 dice roll, the payoff will be double (2:1). Upon getting a 12 the winner will get 3:1 of the original bet. While getting other winning dice combinations (3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12), will get the winner an even pay (1:1).

Place Bets

Last but not least we have the Place Bets. The requirement to place this bet is to establish a point first. You may wager on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 is rolled on the dice. If the number on which you bet comes before you roll a 7, you will win the bet. Else, if out before your bet number, you will lose. The payoffs for Place Bets vary based on the number you bet on. The odds of 4 or 10 are 9:5, 5 or 9 are 7:5, and 6 or 8 are 7:6. You have the option to cancel this wager at any moment.

The Best Craps Strategy

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Let’s get started with learning a Craps strategy now that we’ve covered all we need to know. There are thousands of Craps methods to learn in this world, but picking the perfect one is the key. This guide contains the Crap methods that are the most accurate and have the best possibility of winning. It is vital to realize that a Craps approach that works well for a buddy or another person may not work well for you. Everyone has their playstyle and set of talents.

So, study the approach that you are most comfortable with because experimenting with anything that contradicts your play style and preferences is not a good idea. However, as the phrase goes, “practice makes perfect,” the more you practice, the better you will get at playing Craps using strategy. Try out all of the tactics listed below to see which one works best for you. Then, hone that plan until it is flawless. We cannot promise your victory, but your chances of victory will rise dramatically, and you will find yourself winning more frequently, especially when competing against newcomers.

Understanding the Odds

Craps Strategy

Dice odds and probablities

The first step to becoming a professional Craps player is understanding the odds of the game and the dice. Craps is one of the casino games that has the lowest house edge. It ranks as top 4th game with the lowest house advantage on the list. This means that your odds of winning are way higher than the casino bank in Craps.

Now moving on to the two dice odds. Since Craps is played with two dice, we will consider the odds and ratio of two dice combinations. The dice roll combination with the highest chance of occurring is a 7 (16.7%). This is because 7 has 6 possible combinations. While the dice combinations with the lowest probability of 2.78% are 2 and 12. These two numbers have only one possible combination. The odds are 6:5 of 7 against 6 and 8. Because the numbers 5 to 9 may be rolled in four distinct ways, the odds are 6:4 when compared to 7. Combination 7 plays a vital role in Craps. Calculating the probability will help you immensely in Craps. It will also help you develop and create your strategy.

Easy Money Craps Strategy

Craps Strategy

Casino chips, dice, and money

Our team members tried out this strategy to confirm if it work well. Surprisingly, the strategy worked way more often than our expectations! One of our team members was able to win 4/5 practice matches using this method. This is a Craps strategy that can make you a decent amount of money in just an hour. However, keep your expectation as real as possible because in the end luck matters the most. Do not count your eggs before they hatch! Keep it real and have patience. In this betting strategy, you must not place any pass-line bets. Understand and follow the points below.

  1. Only place the bets on the inside numbers: 5, 6, 8, and 9.
  2. Make sure the bets you place are in your budget. On each gamble, you should bet anything from 1 to 5% of your whole bankroll. For this strategy, it is best to use units per number. (A unit is approximately 1% of your budget.)
  3. You should be paid two times every time a shooter rolls a dice.
  4. Once the shooter finishes rolling a dice, remove every single one of your bets.
  5. Wait till the next shooter rolls the dice and repeat the steps (1 – 4).
  6. Continue to count the number of times the shooters have rolled the dice.
  7. Come all the way down if the shooter rolls the dice five times and your luck fails to get you paid twice.
  8. Include all of the Come Out rolls and any other natural Come Out while keeping the count.
  9. For each come out seven, the count is reset. By the sixth roll, you should always be down or off.

Example With Profits

Practice this Craps strategy with your friends or on online casinos to get your hands set on it. This strategy is most likely to give you a win because there are 14 ways to get an inside number but only 6 to get a 7. Many people place bets on 7 because of its high odds of occurring but forget to estimate the entire probability of winning. You’ve made $12 on that shot if you wager $28 inside, take two payouts, and take everything off the table.

For example, imagine you wager $44 on the inside numbers. If the shooter manages to roll 4 inside numbers and you get two pays and down, you will get a profit of $28. On the other hand, if you choose to receive pay per bet then, you will get $16. You can see that taking pay per bet is not a wise idea and may become the cause of your loss. For another example, imagine that the shooter rolls the inside numbers twice for the same amount of bet. Now, in this case, you will lose 16 dollars if you choose to take pay per bet and keep the bets working.

Leaving the bets on the table and prolonging the game is not a good idea at all. Not only will you get less profit, as shown in the example above, but you will also be exhausted. Moreover, if you keep track of how often people pay you, you’ll see that no one pays you more than two or three inside numbers. You’ll observe that it doesn’t happen frequently enough to justify the danger of continuously leaving bets on the table. Hopefully, you now know how to play this strategy. Practice with your friends or play online practice matches to become perfect at it.

Pass Line and Don’t Come Craps Strategy

Craps Strategy

Don’t Come and Pass Line

This strategy works best against random rollers and slow tables. This one is a sophisticated Craps strategy, and there will be a lot going on at the same time. Only use this on slow tables, and make sure your stickmen are well-tipped.
To establish the point, start with a regular pass line bet. For example, the number 6.

Once the point is established, gamble on the Don’t Come 4-5 times your pass line bet. Bet on the Come and back your pass line bet with odds. Lay a bet on every possible number and back your pass line bet with odds. If any number is chosen, you will be paid out on that number, and your Come Bet will be moved to that number. Moreover, if by any chance you get a 7, you will lose the lays and Pass. However, you will win the Don’t Come and the Come.

The worst-case scenario is that the shooter rolls your Don’t Come number. In such a case, you will lose that Bet. However, if you can, protect by betting on it the hard way. Put odds on that Bet and replace the Come Bet when the shooter rolls a number and your Come Bet moves to it. If you have a long shooter, you should finish up with a Bet and Odds on every number, making you a profit on every roll.

On the Come Out roll, if someone hits the point, it’s best to come down. The riskiest phase of this strategy is when you set a “Don’t Come” point on your second roll. You lose both your Don’t Come Bet and the Pass you set if you seven out here. You can protect the Don’t Come Bet by betting on 7.

Come and Pass Line Craps Strategy For Beginners

Craps Strategy

Come and Pass Line

Mathematically, the Pass Line Craps strategy works the most in your favor. If you are a beginner, this strategy is the best for you as it guarantees some profit. This strategy is very simple and does not involve too much risk. Moreover, the odds will be in your favor because of the Pass Line bets. Just follow and note down the steps below.

  1. Place a bet on the Pass Line when the pucker is switched off and establish a point. For example, if the shooter rolls a 6, a point will establish on 6.
  2. Upon getting an inside number, place a Come bet. Since the Come bet and Pass Line bet works in the same way, you will win if you get a 7 or an 11. However, getting a 2, 3, or 12 will make you lose. With the other numbers, you can establish a point.
  3. Roll the number on which the point was established before rolling a 7 to win the Pass Line bet.
  4. Rolling a 7 will get you to win the Come bet. However, getting 2, 3, or 12 will make you lose the bet.

Despite what people say, points have a great impact on your game. It matters on the points whether one should place Come bets or not. The points established on the outside numbers increase your risk of losing the bets. The other thing that highly matters is the amount you are willing to bet per shooter. According to our survey, experts believe it best for beginners to play one bet at a time and be patient. Since one does not have much experience as a beginner, betting less is the most logical thing to do.

Will A Craps Strategy Guarantee My Win?Craps Strategy

In all honesty, there is nothing like “The Best Craps Strategy with 100% win rate”. No strategy can ever guarantee your win 100%. It is crucial to remember that Craps is a game of chance, and there is no chance to win if you are down on your luck. You will definitely have an advantage and more chances of winning.

They say, “Knowledge has a beginning but no end,” and when it comes to learning a craps strategy, this can not be true enough. You may find that the strategy you took so much time to learn does not seem to work for you. However, you may encounter someone else using the same strategy, and this person may be your opponent. Since you already know the strategy, you will be able to predict your opponent’s moves beforehand. In such a case, even if you are not playing any particular strategy, you will have the upper hand over the other.

Internet is a weird place and a gamble itself. Sometimes the information on the net will be helpful, and sometimes it will not be. There are not many websites that will teach you anything useful. However, it is better than having no knowledge of Craps at all.
The strategies we are providing here in our guide are all approved by several gambling experts who own online casinos.

Through our research and with the help of these experts, we have provided you with this magnificent guide on Craps Strategy. Now, it is nothing too deep, but we believe it is essential to be sure about what you are learning, so we had to prove our authenticity and capabilities to you.


Craps is a very interesting and thrilling game. Once you get addicted to it, there is no going back. Some people even build a Craps table from scratch to play in their homes whenever they want. Amusing, isn’t it? Well, it is to me at least. Craps is not one of the favorite casino games of people only because of its low house edge but also because of how fun it is. The cheers and boos that surround the table whenever the game is going on rush the players’ adrenaline.

You will find yourself having fun even trying to learn the best Craps strategy. However, note that it is very important to be patient and practice a lot to master a strategy. You can not become a Craps guru in just a few hours. It is understandable that some people need urgent money for whatever. In that case, they can start with learning the first strategy in this guide, The Easy Money Strategy.

Nonetheless, if you are a beginner and want to gain more experience, the Come and Pass Line strategy is the one for you. Trying out complex strategies when you are new can cause you great loss. Anyways, have fun with your adventure. Hopefully, you will become a Craps professional soon. Good luck!

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