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Which is the Best Casino in Vegas to Win on?

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Publicerad: 24 April, 2019

There is no lack of great casinos in Las Vegas, but you may ask yourself, what is the best casino in Vegas to win and which casino in Vegas pays out the best? Good questions, for sure, but you have to know whatever casino you go into the house always has the edge. Some of the premier and biggest casinos in Sin City have tons of slots games and while all give the house an edge there are some that have better returns than others.

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Typically, slot machines have a payback of between 75% and 98% and broken down it means for every dollar spent on the slots a player can win between 75 cents to 98 cents. As you can see the house has an edge making money on every dollar spent on a slots machine and it does not matter if it is a penny slots or ones that cost more to play, but have much higher payouts. While the house always has, at least a 2% edge, on slots players can and do win big it just depends of Lady Luck is on the side of the player. There are numerous slot machines in Las Vegas where on a single pull of the lever you can line up a winning combination and become an instant millionaire! Pretty enticing to say the least.

It is not common where casinos in Las Vegas will show what the odds are for their slots offerings. However, in looking at the best casino in Vegas to win some of the solid ones will show that their slots have a great 98% payback. You have to be aware that even if this is the case it does not mean every slot machine on the floor has that payback. The casino will usually just have one machine with that figure and they do not let the people know which one that is. Still, if that old Lady Luck is on your side and you come across that machine then you will have found the best casino to win in Las Vegas.
Slots games are fun to play with their great graphics and sounds and they can be more fun if you hit a winning combination and pocket some cash. It is a good idea to play around when it comes to slots, as it not only great fun, but can also be very profitable.


Megabucks Casinos

When looking for what casino in Vegas pays out the best and not have one that features Megabucks slots? They have a network of slots all around the state of Nevada and they have been in business for over 20 years. Their slogan is “Dream big. Win big.” They begin their top jackpot at a whopping $10 million and it only increases from there. The minimum spin for the main jackpot is $1, but to win the maximum jackpot you will have to wager $3 per spin. In 2015 on a Megabucks slots machine at Westgate Casino one of the biggest slot jackpots in the history of Sin City was won by 78-year old Trinidad Torres from Utah. She put a cool $100 in the machine and made a few plays for $3 each before she hit the big jackpot of $10.7 million. When asked how she would spend her winnings she stated she would buy a yellow Mustang and take a trip to the Philippines. Needless to say, she probably had a little loot left over.

Aria Resort and Casino

Once again, a Megabucks slot machine hits big and this time it was at the Aria Resort and Casino, which has over 150,000 square feet of gaming space and nearly 2,000 slot machines. In 2011 a woman was in Las Vegas to celebrate the birthday of her niece when she decided, by chance, to plunk down $6 on a slots game and when it went crazy she through the machine was malfunctioning. Turns out, it was not, as she hit the jackpot for $12.8 million. Not long after another player hit a $10 million jackpot, so you can see Aria Resort and Casino has seen their fair share of HUGE winners.

Palace Inn and Casino

The Palace Inn Casino is the place where jackpots have hit often and one of the biggest hits came in 1998. A 67-year old retired flight attendant from Sin City plunked $300 into a Megabucks slot machine and she won just over a cool $27.5 million. Not only was luck on her side, but also at Palace Station she had won earlier won nearly $700,000 playing the Wheel of Fortune slots offering. Her big win was the first Megabucks fir payout of over $20 million.


This very popular medieval themed casino has been a go-to spot in Las Vegas for many years and why not since the casino holds the claim of the biggest slots jackpot ever won. In 2003 a software engineer from Los Angeles with the ripe old age of 25 played a Megabucks slots and he played big at $100 a spin. Well, his spin for the big bucks paid off in bigger bucks netting a jackpot of just under $40 million.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is one of the most popular and well-known casinos on the Las Vegas strip and in 1999 a 49-year old business consultant was there and decided to try his luck on the slots and began playing a game for $10 a pop. Not long after the bells and whistles started to go off and he had hit the main jackpot netting just south of $21.4 million. The machine? You guessed It was a Megabucks slots offering.

A few of the top jackpots every won in Las Vegas have been on Megabucks slots offerings. So, maybe looking for those games are key when you are looking for the best casino in Vegas to win. Still, every casino has had their slots jackpots hit by some lucky player at some time and that time can be anytime, which means your time for big money may be up soon if you know the slots and casinos to check out for the biggest possible payouts.