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8 Expert Tips on How to Win at Slots

Publicerad: 12 December, 2019

Are you always on a losing streak when playing your favorite slot game? Your money never seems to grow every time you hit the spin button and you’re tired of it. It’s your lucky day because the cavalry is here.

You see, online slots are purely a game of chance and that means beating a slot machine is next to impossible. Nevertheless, with the insane tips we’ll cover, you’ll be able to tilt the odds in your favor and lift the curse on your pockets. Let’s get started, shall we?

Types of Slot Games

So, you love casino games, slot games to be precise. But do you know that there are different types of slot games? Knowing these variants will go a long way in helping you win big at slot game

3-reel Slot Games

3-reel Slot Games

This is the simplest slot machine you’ll come across. Many gamblers refer to it as the one-armed bandit because the original slot machines had a mechanical lever that players used to spin the reels. These slots are recommended to newbies because they are simple and fun. Of course, you need to understand the rules first before playing.

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Video Slots

Video Slots

These slot games feature at least 5 reels. Further, the graphics, sounds, and images are more advanced compared to 3-reel slots but share some similarities – all aimed at enhancing the player’s experience.

Some of the similarities include using symbols on the reels and also paying using paylines. The only difference is that there are more paylines, with some going up to 100. Playing this type of slot game avails multiple advantages such as multipliers, free spins, and bonus rounds just to mention a few. The payouts are also high.

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Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots

These slots offer players a chance to win big because they contain jackpots as their top prize. If you’re lucky enough, you can walk away with hundreds of thousands or even millions in dollars. The only caveat to winning such big amounts is the bet amount.

Many online casinos require players to bet the maximum amount per spin when playing these slots. You’ll see how this affects your wins when playing progressive slots. Once a player wins the jackpot, the amount will reset and will build up again.

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Note that there are several types of progressive slots including:

  • Multiple progressive jackpot slots
  • Network progressive jackpot slots
  • In-house jackpot progressive slots

Standalone progressive jackpot slots

How Slot Machines Work


If you’re serious about winning at slots, you must understand how the slots work. With that said, there have been numerous myths and misconceptions around how slot machines work and chances are you’ve fallen some of them.

We’re about to shine a spotlight on this elusive topic.

The Random number Generator

The Random number Generator

Also referred to as the RNG, in short, this factor is a computer algorithm whose main job is to ensure all events happen at random and independent of previous or past events throughout the life of the game.

This means that after clicking on the bet button, the RNG will kick in to generate different and random series of numbers/symbols.

How the RNG Works

How the RNG Works

First, slot machines don’t have a memory, which means that it doesn’t keep a record of losses or wins. A slot machine doesn’t know when you last won or whether you just hit a life-changing jackpot.

As mentioned, the RNG will kick in once you click the spin button and it’ll use the mathematical equations already installed to determine the outcome. Note that the results you get after spinning the reels are not pre-determined.

After initiating a spin, the RNG will dish out numbers. Fast. At about hundreds per second. What will determine the outcome is the second you’ll click your mouse and that can be impossible to know. Using a five-reel slot game as an example, the RNG will generate random numbers for each reel. The same will happen for other variations.

How to Win at Slots

It’s said that knowledge is power and when it comes to winning at online slot machines, this statement cannot be true enough. With the following expert advice, you should be in a better position to win at slots.

1.  Your Slot Choice Matters

Your Slot Choice MattersSimilar to how you choose sporting events with the best odds, slots also require you to choose the best if you want to win. Before choosing your slot, you must understand that all slots are different. This means gameplay, themes, symbols, bonus features, and soundtrack just to mention a few.

Many beginner players jump for the slots with exciting themes and soundtracks or fancy graphics – all of which are inconsequential. What many of them fail to look at is the Return to Player (RTP). If you don’t know what RTP is, sit back and relax as we break it down

What is RTP?

The Return to Player is a percentage of the bet placed on a slot machine that will pay you over a certain period. If that explanation is difficult, let’s use real figures to explain it. Take a slot machine with an RTP of 97%. This means you’ll win 97 times for every 100 times you play. in short, the higher the percentage, the higher the chances you have of winning.

How to Determine a Slot’s RTP

You’ll often find this figure displayed among the slot machine’s properties. However, some games fail to display it but you can Google it or read game reviews from trusted reviewers. Some reviewers give a blanket RTP for the same game, so be on the lookout.

A slot machine’s RTP will also give you the house edge. That is the advantage the casino has over you in a certain game. To get this, simply deduct the RTP from 100. For instance, if the slot’s RTP is rated at 98.94%, the house edge is (100-98.94 = 1.06%).

How to Know the Best RTP

You have your bankroll ready and you’re at your preferred casino ready to spin some reels but how do you know whether the slot you’re about to play offers the best payouts? Well, here’s a table to give you an idea of what you should look out for:​​

RTP Good or Not
Under 90 Skip past it! (quick)
90 to 92.9 Distasteful
93 to 95.9 Maybe
96 to 97.9 Sounds good!
98 and above Jump into it fast!

2.  Understand the Paytable

PaytableEach slot machine will come a paytable and similar to the RTP, paytables are unique. While strategies to win at slots don’t exist, understanding a slot machine’s paytable will go a long way in ensuring you fill your pockets with wins.

Again, just as it’s advisable to know a slot’s RTP, it’s also advisable to go through the paytable. A paytable is like a chart that shows all the game’s symbols and how much they’ll pay if you match a certain number. Often, slot games start paying out when you match 3 symbols on the reels. Others will start at two.

By looking at the paytable, you’ll also know whether the main game offers bonus features including multipliers, bonus symbols, scatter symbols or wild symbols. If you see bonus symbols, you can expect bonus rounds and that means you’ll be able to make extra cash.

Apart from the symbols and multipliers offered in the game, you can also find out whether there’s a jackpot or not. If the game has a jackpot, find out how much you’re in for and determine whether the slot is worth your penny.

3.  Start Out for Free First

Start Out for Free FirstFreebies are always welcome even if you’re a high roller. If you’re looking to win big at slots, you want to stay ready for the free spins. Before we can dive into what free spins are, you may want to know that each casino has its own set of rules that include wagering requirements that you must fulfill. Therefore, before you get started on any slot with free spins, go through their terms and conditions.

Now, to what free spins are. Just as the name suggests, these are spins you get without having to place a wager. In other slot games, these free spins come as a bonus feature after landing a certain number of the same symbols on the reels. The number of free spins you get will also depend on the game.

Apart from slots that offer free spins, you can also play slot games for free. Yes, you read that right. Free. Many slot games offer a demo version where players can play the game using virtual currency. Of course, you cannot withdraw the money you win in the demo version.

If you’re new to a certain slot game, it’s advisable to play for free first. This way, you’ll get a chance to understand the game’s mechanics and get a general feel of the game before staking real money. Further, you’ll hone your skills while at it.  

4.  Explore the Volatility

Explore the VolatilityOther gamblers know it as variance, others know it as dispersion. Whatever term you prefer, this factor remains one of the biggest factors that determine how much you win and how often you’ll win at a certain slot game.

Defining it is simple. Volatility shows beforehand how much risk you’ll get into when playing a slot game. Moreover, it’ll also indicate the frequency of wins and how much you’ll win during gameplay. A slot game with high volatility means high risk.

Determining a Slot Machine’s Volatility

Again, this information is often available together with the game’s main properties such as the RTP. However, some game providers are mean with this information but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your own digging and it won’t cost you a dime.

To find out a slot’s volatility, try out the game for free and if you like how it pays out, then you can consider risking real money afterward. Another way to find out a slot’s volatility is by taking a look at the game’s paytable. How huge are the payouts?

If they are huge, then it’s likely that the slot machine is rated at medium to high volatility. Most of the time, slot games that offer huge rewards mean that it’ll be difficult to hit these rewards. On the other hand, a low variance slot will allow you to hit the paylines more often but of course, the rewards are low.

Here’s a breakdown of how volatility affects a gambler’s payout:

Volatility Risk Win Frequency Payout Size Max Wins
Low Low High Small Max of 500x
Medium Medium Medium Large 501x to 2,000x
High High Low Massive 2,001x and above

Keep in mind, this is not the absolute truth but a rough idea. Therefore, the only way to find out a slot’s volatility is to play it.

5.  Max Bet on the Game

Max Bet on the GameQuestion. Why in the world would a slot game make your day by awarding you its top jackpot when all you staked was a mere $0.1?

The answer. It wouldn’t and it most likely will never.

Let’s say that in the off chance you manage to hit the jackpot, you may have a tough time cashing out your winnings. Many casinos have strict wagering requirements that allow players to cash out only if they have placed the maximum bet, especially if a jackpot is involved.

Max betting is one of the hidden tricks that many gamblers don’t know about. Doing this will also increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.

In most cases, though, slot machines will always payout according to the amount of money you stake. Therefore, low stakes mean low payouts and peace of mind on top of that. On the other hand, high stakes mean high payouts but this will obliterate your bankroll faster.

This also explains why playing at slots with higher denominations is risky although the payouts are handsome. This advice may seem detrimental and also risky but then again, the risk involved is an undeniable factor in gambling. Besides, you have a free hand when it comes to choosing how much risk you want to take on. In fact, this leads us to another related factor. Bankroll management.

6.  Have a Gambling Budget and Stick to it

Have a Gambling Budget and Stick to itIt may seem absurd but this is one of the soundest pieces of advice you’ll ever come across. In fact, if you don’t do anything else listed in this post, do this. Gambling experts recommend creating a gambling budget before you can start searching for games to play.

You must determine how much money you are willing to invest because slot games are different in terms of the minimum and maximum wagers. To win at any slot game, you must choose one that you can afford – that’s what managing your bankroll entails.

Also, creating a gambling budget won’t do you any good if you can’t follow it. Note that the most professional gamblers you know are patient and disciplined – two critical virtues needed to reach those heights. In fact, they have detailed plans with clear structures on how much to spend and what to do when they lose or win.

There’s a famous saying that many gamblers use and it holds true. That is don’t stake what you can’t afford to lose. You should keep that at the back of your mind.

7.  Read Reviews on Games You Wish to Play

Read Reviews on Games You Wish to PlayHere’s the truth. The fastest and most truthful way of knowing whether a slot is full of crap or not is by reading online reviews. You’ll find tons of legitimate reviewers online and chances are they’ve reviewed the slot you’re about to play.

These reviews give you all the information you need about a slot game. Armed with the information, you can make a decision on whether to play the slot or not. Keep in mind, some reviewers may not call out a particular slot when they review it because of affiliate links but keep an eye out on the comments section.

This section will have all sorts of comments from gamblers who may have already tested the game. If negative comments dominate the comments, you may want to steer clear of the slot because players call out shady games.

Another way to find valuable information on a slot game is by joining gambling groups on social media. These groups have the low down on everything happening in the gambling world and if you want to know whether a slot is worth your time and dollars, simply post a question and watch as the comments trickle in.

8.  Play Random and not Progressive Slots

Play Random and not Progressive SlotsThey don’t tell you such secrets. Instead, they let you stake your hard-earned money until your pockets run dry. Everyone wants to knock down their problems with a single shot and one of those ways is by raking in a six-figure jackpot.

However, chances are your pockets will not sustain the onslaught by the progressive slot. Here’s why.

Random jackpot slots are fixed and will appear at random, just as the name suggests. Progressive slots, on the other hand, rely on player buy-ins and increase over time depending on how many players engage in the game.

While the thought of walking back home with millions of dollars may seem tempting, a deeper peek behind the veil reveals the inequality among slot games.

First, for you to win the jackpot at a progressive slot game, you must stake the maximum amount possible. The worst part is that you have to do it multiple times but let’s be honest here. How long do you think you’ll last while staking $100 per spin?

A few spins. That’s the answer.

Yes, you may hit the jackpot during the few spins but think about it. To reach the multi-million figures, these slots need to pay out less over time. For random jackpot slots, the payout may be little but you’ll win more often while spending less.

The Best Time Win at Online Slot Machines

Now that you know how to win at slots, it’s time to take a look at the right time to win. Bet you didn’t even know that there’s a good and bad time, did you? Worry not because we have all the information you need.

Stay Alert During Holidays

Holidays come with all types of goodies in all industries including gambling. it’s during these seasons that online casinos offer a ton of bonuses and promotions to attract new players. Online attendance is also at its peak during this time. Therefore, you want to take advantage of this period while it still lasts.

Enroll in Slot Tournaments

Did you even know slot tournaments exist? Enrolling at such competitions increases your chances of winning. Beating the slots is easier during such tournaments and all you need to do is to place your stake and spin away.

Similar to other game tournaments, you’ll need a buy-in to participate. This means all players will have the same credits. How do you win, you ask?

There’s a prize pool where every player participating in the tournament contributes through their buy-in. Therefore, the more players that join in, the bigger the prize pool. Your spinning spin is the only thing that should be on your mind.

Figure Out When You’re About to Hit in a Slot Game

Now, this is difficult to do because you’ll know about this just before the reels come to a halt. Therefore, it becomes impossible to know the exact moment that you’ll win at a slot game.

Nonetheless, you make informed predictions based on certain constant factors. For instance, some slots hit at a certain range, others at a certain time of the day or after hitting a certain value. With such information, you can play as close to those factors as possible to increase your winning chances.

Play When Jackpots are High

Have you come across massive jackpots? Jackpots so massive that you think no one will ever win? Well, you better glue your eyes to those figures because it’s only a matter of time until it drops. Progressive jackpots are common with such behavior.

Numbers and time have a big say when it comes to progressive jackpots. Having said that, you shouldn’t leave lady luck out of the equation. Once you see the jackpot rising to mind-blowing levels, stick around because you could be the winner.

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Start Winning

After reading through this informative guide, you should now be smarter as far as online slots are concerned. You know that beating the slot machines isn’t an option but improving your odds is through the tips outlined here. Consequently, this will help you to win more when playing slot games.

Good luck! You’ll need it.

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