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The state of Connecticut is located in the southern part of New England in the United States. The economic condition of the state is quite prosperous and hence the state has legalized some forms of gambling such as pari-mutuel, tribal gambling. The state actually has a mixed rule as far as gambling laws are concerned. While some forms of gambling are regulated, the other forms come tied with strict laws that the residents have to maintain in order to have an amicable gambling experience. The government allows the people to gamble at the online sites yet the focus has primarily been on the land-based casino, thereby ensuring their smooth operations.

What is the Age Restriction Observed for Players in Connecticut?

The players must be of or above 21 years of age to gamble using real money in the casinos and 18 years or above to gamble in lotteries.

Government Regulations Regarding Gambling

The sections 12-557 et seq and 53-278a et seq regulate the different kinds of gambling laws in the state. According to these sections, “unlawful gambling” is a crime and your first offense is treated as a violation while subsequent offenses are Class B misdemeanor.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Connecticut?

The residents of Connecticut do not have any explicit rules on online casinos. Though technically, the online casino sites are not yet legalized in the state. Yet the players can easily indulge themselves in these games like Betway, Bet 365, Bogdog, Virgin casinos, 888 casinos, etc. In practice, no specific cases of legal prosecution have been reported so far.

What are the Different Types of Gambling in Connecticut?

Connecticut is one of those states that regulate gambling efficiently. It has specific laws regarding wagering and gambling. The following flavors of gambling are legally allowed in the state.

  • Charitable gambling - Gambling for charitable purposes is always accepted by the state. The state considers it lawful and the residents have to utilize the money earned through these kinds of gambling entirely for charitable purposes.
  • Casinos run by tribal people – Connecticut has three casinos run by the tribal people in New London County. These casinos are land-based. Slot machines, poker, video machines, blackjack, roulette are played in these casinos.
  • Connecticut lottery – The state of Connecticut operates Connecticut lottery. The residents are able to gamble in these lotteries very easily.
  • Pari-mutuel betting –There is a total number of sixteen off-track wagering parlors. Greyhound racing, horse racing are legalized in the state in the year 1971.

The residents and tourists enjoy themselves and love to indulge themselves in these games.

The Current State of Sports Betting in Connecticut

Connecticut is one of those states that has been able to pass the idea of creating a new law book on the sports betting in the State Senate after New Jersey won the case of the sports betting. So presumably, Sports betting should be legalized soon in light of the bill on sports betting that has been passed in the Senate.


The people of Connecticut are allowed to gamble within the boundaries of certain strict prevalent laws. The residents are allowed to gamble using real money at land-based casinos. The players earn a handsome amount of payouts from these casinos which encourages them to invest further in them. Technically, online casinos are still not legalized in the state. Nevertheless, players can venture into online gambling without any evident legal complications.


The Legal Gambling Status of all US States

An interactive map is provided below that shows all US states and the current gambling rules prevalent in that state. Click on the state of your choice to know more about its rules and regulations.

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